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(共73张PPT) 必修三 Unit 1 Festivals around the world such enjoying a large meal with their families that looks forward to obvious belief gather award custom fool gain forgive trick was awarded gained had forgiven were tricked customs apology reminder arrival independent permission original starvation celebration energetic sadly sadness agricultural admiration celebrating celebration admirable admire admiration apology apologize independence energetic independent permit permit permission starvation starved energy 节日;盛宴 遍及全世界的;世界性的 收获;收割 祖先;祖宗 美;美人 (汽车等)停放 淹没;溺死;淹死 擦;揩;擦去 哭泣;流泪 哭;哭泣 编织;(使)迂回前进 衣服 季节的;季节性的 牧群;兽群 月的;月亮的;阴历的 游行;阅兵;检阅 采集 remind...of... take place in memory of dress up look forward to turn up have fun with of place to up up with in hold one's breath set off play a trick on day and night keep one's word and off his on either the English Corner or the gym It is obvious that for admiration to share a meal, admire the moon and enjoy moon cakes for to apology make/express/convey an apology to you for apologise to you for owe you an apology for of to write reminded reminding people to protect the trees hearing came/has come to see help→helping looking forward to receiving your early reply 出席;到场 调高 翻起 被发现 turn to the police for help She turned down the job offer 引起 出发 使爆炸 set about preparing/set out to prepare set aside some time to understand It of for arguing It is true that The truth is that having taken admiration permission delivered to pay It off up to for or to do energetic is awarded on drowned mainly celebrations or while events is gathered agricultural to forgetting daily reminds us of look forward to celebration admire the beautiful moon up have fun with Naturally can't turn up make an apology to their parents which always reminds us of the full moon, mooncakes and so on admiring the It's natural that beautiful moon up in the sky Thank you for watching ! (共83张PPT) 必修三 Unit 2 Healthy eating the former is more important than the latter both physically and mentally diet balance slim lie customer consult raw debt sign glare customers glared slimmer diets debts curiosity curiously weakness strong strengthen limited limitation beneficial combination curious curiously curiosity benefit beneficial limited limit combine combination strong strength strengthen 烤制的 烤;烘;烘烤 女主人;女主持人 折扣 消化 摘要;概要 叹息;叹息声 赞美;钦佩;羡慕 窥探;秘密监视 间谍;侦探 叹息;叹气 胸部;乳房 纤维;纤维制品 有毒的 过度肥胖 (食物的)味道与气味;特性 极限 余款;差额 tell a lie lose weight cut down put on weight ought to before long to on down weight long glare at get away with win...back earn one's living in debt spy on in his with back nothing better than being praised have us bringing neither agriculture nor industry balanced against lost his balance keep a balance between strengths strength to do has strengthened build up one's strength to strengthen willpower consultant about Having consulted with my teacher consulted with my teacher limits limited limited to no limit to serving benefitting from for beneficial of benefit to which is of benefit to all of us to through across get over our present difficulties get away with breaking the windows 减少 砍倒 裁减 cut in cut off from the world more exciting too 去掉so health is the most important thing nothing is more important than health burning taken making 去掉第二个to to complete to be taken have your knowledge of Chinese traditional culture deepened to catch strengthened worse balanced limited down from with with in am weakness curiosity glaring to consult providing feeling that to attract later which and thought balanced happily more precious than health keep balance between study and pleasure cut down A balanced diet stay up will benefit us (should) be limited to For the benefit of our health it is of great importance to keep balance between study and pleasure For the benefit of our health, we should do more exercise and have enough sleep, which will benefit us both physically and mentally. Thank you for watching ! (共78张PPT) 必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note turn to my teachers for help written by Mark Twain wander envelope scene spot account seek contrary manner indeed stare fault amount sought wandered manners accounted spotted amounts patiently adventurous permission patience belief believable unbelievable rudely rudeness permits permission patient patience patient patiently rude rudeness believable unbelievable believe 尖叫声;喊叫声 人行道 船费(包括食宿);(一)段 大使馆;大使及其官员 慈善(团体);施舍 尖声叫 理发师 真的;真诚的 鞠躬;弯腰 赌;打赌 赌;赌钱 发行(钞票等);发布(命令);出版(杂志等) 假货;欺骗 假的 黄昏 少年时代 贫困的;身无分文的 海湾 (供煎、烤的)肉块;鱼排;牛排 菠萝 餐后甜点 描述 通道 on the scene bring up account for a large amount of take a chance in rags make a bet up a a for by accident go ahead as for from the bottom of one's heart find fault with stare at on the contrary ahead As from with found myself surrounded had just fallen asleep when It is well?known that whenever we are in trouble permitted smoking to film to take permission Time permitting time permits staring spotted spotting on The police arrived at the spot where they found the evidence. for an on on take into account/consideration 提出 教育 养育 has taken measures to bring down bring about changes to meet of by chances The chances are that There is a chance that smoking locked closed to tell difficult He found his son surrounded by letters and papers and looking very worried. when was driving was on the point of giving up when was about to give up when spotted to work bringing was wandering surrounded for On when at By rudeness sought with Whenever patience an carried was spotted by unexpectedly knowing rags seeing best the in rags a terrible scene the driver's fault came on the scene From the bottom of my heart would be sentenced to two years in take a chance prison Some policemen came on the scene, and I found the driver taken A car knocked down a man in rags, causing his death. There was a chance that the driver would be sentenced to prison. away in a police car. Thank you for watching ! (共77张PPT) 必修三 Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars that aliens existed in space that China had managed to send the first astronaut into space atmosphere exhaust thus gentle climate crash pull float system theory crashed floating exhausted was pulled theories violence violently unlike dislike harmful harmless existence puzzled puzzling religious reaction puzzled puzzling puzzled violent violence harm harmful harm religion religious existence exist 乘;增加 基本的;基础的 链子;连锁;锁链 溶解;解散 失重地 万有引力;重力 灭绝的;绝种的 太阳的;日光的 卫星;人造卫星 宇宙飞船 哺乳动物 减少;减轻 停车 give birth to in time prevent...from now that cheer up lay eggs that from up in at midnight in one's turn watch out for depend on break out block out get the hang of out for on think it a good idea to bring three times as much time and energy as Now that you are so interested in our school to to asking which is very harmful to their health which does great harm to their health existence on existing came into existence/came into being puzzled about/over puzzling puzzlement a puzzle to the firemen What puzzles me most to help on in At a pay off in time At one time by to put/putting to pick in turn which in turn creates more problems up cheering cheerful on cheer me up depressed quarrelling it to adapt think it no good reading much→many faster height forty?nine times the size forty?nine times as big as forty?nine times bigger harmful puzzled living existence to save up to on down in as that reaction global out in harmful whose violent to produce filled animals over escaping Whether be solved broke out There exists in time made it difficult didn't permit us to get close their turn to rescue now that Depending on prevented the fire from spreading those who were trapped depends on Thank you for watching ! (共73张PPT) 必修三 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” Located in Seeing from chat scenery measure aboard within nearby pleased topic confirm broad measures chatting topics has been confirmed pleased surrounding surroundings slightly traditional traditionally impressive impression terrified terrifying wealthy mixture distance terrifying terrified impression impressed Surrounded surroundings surrounding distance distant mixed mixture 洲;大陆 行李 海港 城市的;市镇的 市区的 在市区;往市区 有薄雾的;模糊的 接近;大约 黎明;拂晓;破晓 霜;霜冻 薄雾 测验;问答比赛 多种文化的 极地的;近极地的 灌木(丛);矮树(丛) 边界;国界;边沿 与……接壤;接近 结账;付清 (一定的)量; 程度 in the distance rather than have a gift for at dawn be impressed with/by... dream about/of for about/of than at with catch sight of settle down be surrounded by/with manage to do as far as in charge of by/with down to of to give rather than receive larger than any other country didn't realize the importance of teamwork until Surrounding surrounded surrounded surroundings surrounding surrounded surrounded by a great many big which is surrounded by a great many trees in the distance big trees in the distance measures measuring should take/took measures to measures should be taken/were taken prevent air from being polluted to prevent air from being polluted in at distance in the distance at a distance of two miles by/with impressive Impressed Impressing To impress make/leave an impression on you What will surely impress you down in settlement into reading With a lot of difficult problems to settle a lot of difficult problems to settle of At of 去掉sight前的the At the sight of the picture came into sight running discuss to focus is or rather other than you yourself dealing to borrow Surrounded measuring distance of for of/about within a terrified to catch until leading mixed scenery from arrived sitting with doing French of/about was speeding distant to settle down rather than caught sight of the roads surrounded by green trees managed to were greatly impressed by take effective measures confirms me in my view that which is not only a traveling paradise for tourists but also a perfect place to settle down, rather than Japan my parents and I managed to travel around Canada, where we caught sight of the road surrounded by green trees all the way and we were greatly impressed by its clean and tidy streets Thank you for watching !
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