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According to its website, Shape is a magazine for American women with active lifestyles.This women’s health magazine covers everything from diet and exercise to psychology.What is great about Shape is that it knows that it must cover a lot more than fitness to give women all the information they need to stay healthy.Besides all the great features included in its print magazine, it also has an easily accessible website that anyone can use.
·Women’s Day
Women’s Day is not only specifically a women’s health magazine, but also includes a little information of what Shape has, along with more information on other aspects of life: family, money, travel and style. Many of the articles in Women’s Day deal with specific diseases that are common to women, such as heart disease, breast cancer and others.
·Women’s Health
From tips to recent health news to articles about world affairs, Women’s Health has everything that you expect in a women’s health magazine. Another great feature is that Women’s Health has a great website full of information, as well as articles from past magazines that you can check out. This is a great resource, since it lets you get to see articles well at the office.
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