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概要写作微技能1:高度概括 简洁的同时,包括主要意思。 《考试说明》第五档第一条:理解正确,涵盖全部要点。 案例 What appeals to customers? Obviously the quality of a product does, but visual image, an instantly recognizable logo, contributes a great deal. It is not only the image provided by the packaging that counts but the whole corporate identity of the company… Logo attracts customers a lot. 段首主题句 例1:Both male and female are buying into the trend, but women are expected to do more shopping on the Internet than men. It seems women are now more attracted to the convenience of online shopping than they used to be. Average spending online this Christmas by women will rise to £240 (3360 yuan) compared to the slightly lower average of £233 (3262 yuan) for men. Women do more shopping (purchase) online than men. 段首主题句 例2:The differences begin when fetuses (胎儿) are about sixteen weeks old, which can be seen in the action of children when they are very young. A boy would try to climb a barrier before him of push it down while a girl would attract help from others. These brain differences also explain the fact that more men take up jobs that require good spatial skills, while more women speech skills. The differences between sexes begin as early as fetuses are about sixteen weeks old. 段首主题句 例3:Many researchers believe adults, especially parents and coaches, are main cause of too much aggression in children’s sports. They believe children copy aggressive adult behavior. This behavior is then further strengthened through both positive and negative feedback. Parents and coaches are powerful teachers because children usually look up to them… Many researchers believe adult behavior affects children greatly. 段末主题句 例1:One victim of the online shopping boom is the UK high street. The average spending per person on the high street is only £197. 70% of Internet users are now buying their Christmas gifts online. Christmas trading can represent up to 60% of the business for some stores. Many companies are concerned that not enough shoppers are coming through their doors in the run-up to Christmas. As a result, there are lots of special offers in the shops. Most shops traditionally have sales after Christmas but this year the bargains have come early in an attempt to attract consumers to spend. Due to the boom of the online shopping, most shops have sales for Christmas much earlier this year to appeal to consumers. 段末主题句 例2:With only two weeks to go before Christmas, buying presents is a high priority for a lot of people. However, this year not so many people are leaving their homes to go shopping. These days lots of people can do their shopping in the comfort of their own homes with the help of the Internet. Nowadays (presently) many people can purchase gifts at home on the Internet before Christmas. 段末主题句 例3:Chess has a long history. It is a game for two people. Each player has some pieces, including a king. The game is over when either king is taken. Playing chess can train one’s mind. Blitz chess is a game of chess where each side id given very little time to make all of their moves. Nowadays computers and cell phones can beat the best chess player. Currently, the best player can be beaten by computers and cell phones. 段中或提炼主题句 例1:Logos are used on letterheads, packaging and brochures as well as on the product itself. They may also appear in newspapers or on television as part of an advertising campaign. Logos can appear on many occasions. 段中或提炼主题句 例2:Meanwhile, Natalie was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. It was lucky that she happened to pause at the corner for a minute and heard her brother’s cries. She immediately ran to tell the mailman who hurried back from his truck to unlock the metal door. Fortunately, his sister heard him crying by chance and informed the mailman in time to let him out. 段中或提炼主题句 例3:Online shopping is becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons: prices are often lower online; you don’t have to queue up in busy shops and you can buy almost any product imaginable with just a few clicks of you mouse. Online shopping gains the popularity due to its advantages, including lower prices and convenience. 小试牛刀 请用一句话概括段落大意。 例1:Many doctors see aphasics (失语症患者) as people who are not completely normal because they lack the ability to understand words. However, according to Dr. Sacks, they are more gifted than normal people. Normal people may get carried away by words. Aphasics seem to understand expressions better, though they cannot understand words. Dr. Sacks believes aphasics are more talented than normal people. 小试牛刀 例2:Logos are part of this image. They are symbols which often include a name or initials (缩写) to identify a company. Look again at the Apple logo . It is so recognizable; did you have to think for one moment whose the company is? Many companies have, over the years, renewed their logos to fit in with contemporary design and to present more powerful images. Company logos can be emotive and can inspire loyalty by influencing the subconscious. Some logos incorporate (包含) and idea of the product; the prancing black horse of Ferrari on a yellow shield invoking (唤起) power and speed, the British airways red and blue tail fin (尾翼). International companies especially need to give its logo full consideration. 小试牛刀 例3:She brought home several Chinese and English novels, a few copies of Times and Newsweek, and some textbooks. She intended to read all of them during the winter vacation. She brought home books and magazines to read during the vacation.
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