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21.—What’s the matter with Jason He looks a bit _______.
—Didn’t you know When returning from his holiday last night, he found his house broken into.
A. curious B. upset C. pleased D. excited
22.When I took his temperature, I found it was two degrees above _______.
A. average B. ordinary C. common D. normal
23.You are supposed ________ the work yesterday but you forgot.
A. to finish B. to be finishing C. to have finished D. had finished
24.In the zoo, the number of visitors is tightly _______ to avoid putting stress on the animals.
A. limited B. encouraged C. expected D. intended
25.Health is not valued till sickness comes, so it is time that we _______ more consideration to our health in today’s fast-paced modern world.
A. devoted B. devote C. will devote D. have devoted
26.Although his family couldn’t afford his education, he managed to find a place at the College of Art _______ word of his talent quickly spread.
A. whose B. when C. which D. where
27.China is at a stage of industrialization _______ the contradiction between economic growth and environmental protection is obvious.
A. that B. when C. which D. where
28.The whole city was destroyed by the earthquake. It will take more than ten years before it returns to _______.
A. formal B. normal C. usual D. physical
29.We are not supposed to escape from difficulties i
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