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21.Fear is something that you are born with. You can’t _______ yourself of it completely but you can _______ certain fears under certain conditions.
A. break, get rid of B. get, overcome C. overcome, rid of D. rid, overcome
22.Mr. Smith and I lived in the same neighborhood for many years. However, I had never made his _______, let alone known where he worked.
A. acquaintance B. investigation C. significance D. recognition
23.He has set us a good example by serving people heart and soul, _______ his personal gain and loss.
A. in terms of B. regardless of C. in favor of D. by means of
24.Hearing a scream, I rushed downstairs only to see my hostess _______ on the floor.
A. laying unconscious B. lying unconscious C. lay unconsciously D. lying unconsciously
25.Recently our government policymakers are very _______ about the rapidly rising food cost.
A. upset B. confused C. concerned D. conscious
26.When John was arrested for drunken driving, he expected to lose his driving license, but he was _______ with a fine.
A. let through B. let down C. let off D. let out
27.Tobacco use is _______ for 5 million or 12% of all deaths of adults above the age of 30 globally each year.
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