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21.—Do you still believe in love?
—Absolutely. It is not time, money, power or whatever but love that can _______ us of our pain.
A. treats B. remove C. cures D. help
22.When someone _______, it more than doubles his or her chances of being helpful again.
A. thanks B. is thanked C. was thanked D. thanked
23.A clean environment can help the city bid for the Olympics, which in turn will _______ its economic development.
A. prohibit B. prove C. promise D. promote
24.It is strongly _______ that the machines should be checked every year.
A. recognized B. recommended C. recorded D. recovered
25.There are, however, also doubts, as Rumila Quadir, the college’s 18-year-old student union president puts it, “the intentions behind the scheme are good, but I don’t see how it will _______ young people.”
A. subscribe to B. appeal to C. tend to D. submit to
26.Experts have pointed out that the _______ of severe punishments plays a major role in the growing food safety problem.
A. attendance B. absence C. presence D. evidence
27.The recently released film Kong: Skull Island successfully _______ the audience to the adventure with Dolby
3D technology.
A. transports B. adjusts C. transforms D. relates
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