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ⅠTeaching aims:
Knowledge Aims:
1. Learn to say: What time do you get up/go to school/go to bed/ have breakfast?
2. Learn the new words and expressions.
Ability Aims:
Use the words and sentences in daily life.
ⅡTeaching methods:
Reading / Listening / Talking / Singing / Play Games
ⅢTeaching aids:
Computer / TV / a tape recorder / brush
ⅣTeaching steps:
Step 1 Greetings and duty report
Good morning. /Afternoon everyone. / How are you? /Who is on duty today?
Step 2 Warming-up
Ask Ss some questions about the sentences of Unit 7 or act the dialogue of Last period.
Step 3 Presentation
1. Teach the new words and sentences.
2. Teach the dialogue and read it.
3. Listen to the tape and repeat, try to imitate the pronunciation and intonation.
Step 4 Practice
1. Draw and make the cards.
2. Play the cards game.

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