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听力部分 (30分)
( ) 1. A. deep B. dentist C. dirty
( ) 2. A. plant B. pianist C. plastic
( ) 3. A. strong B. magazines C. sound
( ) 4. A. because B. between C. became
( ) 5. A. through B. throw C. thirty
( ) 6. A. astronaut B. visitor C. vegetables
( ) 7. A. travel B. traveller C. train
( ) 8. A. appears B. around C. apple
( ) 9. A. password B.pavement C. palace
( ) 10. A. happily B. healthy C. habits
( )11.A. No, I won’t. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I am.
( )12.A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he did. C . Yes, he is.
( )13.A. We have great fun. B. We have some noodles. C.I have two.
( )14.A. Happy birthday! B. Thank you . C. It’s in October.
( )15. A. About two weeks. B. I will go to Sydney. C. Some toys.
( )16. A. The twins like making clothes. B. I went to Hong KongC. I want to be a dancer.
三、听录音,判断下列图片是否与句意相符,用T 或F 表示。(6分)
17.( ) 18. ( ) 19.( )

20.( ) 21.( ) 22.( )
四、听录音,根据短文内容,判断下列句子是否正确,正确的写T, 错误的写F。(8分)

( )23. Mother’s Day is on the first Sunday in May.
( )24. Mother’s Day is celebrated in England.
( )25. On Mother’s Day,many people send presents to their mothers.
( )26.The celebration of the first American Mother’s Day was held in New York.
笔试部分 (70分)
27.early care ( ) 28. follow clown ( )
29.visitor sport ( ) 30. toy oil ( )
六、看图片,判断正误,正确的写T, 错误的写F。(4分)

( )31. They are having a PE class.
( )32. There are five boys in the class.
( )33. A boy wears a pair of very big sneakers(运动鞋).
( )34. The woman teacher is holding a big basketball.
( ) 35.You can find many animal stories in Aesop’s Fables.
( ) 36. In the UK, people drive on the right side of the road.
( ) 37. A clown appears at the Children’s Day party, he is Liu Tao.
( ) 38. Su Hai will go to Disneyland and Ocean Park. They are in Taipei.
( ) 39.We must not play on the road because there are many cars and bikes.
( ) 40.You’ll find Uluru, kangaroos and koalas in Australia.
八、单项选择。 (30分)
( ) 41. There are _________consonants (辅音字母)in the word“snack”.
A. three B. four C. five
(? ??? ) 42. _________ is a good habit.
A. following the traffic rules B. Playing computer games late C. Watching too much TV
( ) 43. —_________did you know about Sydney —I asked my e-friend.
A. When B. How C. What
( ) 44. 单词“jacket, green, juice”在英语词典中的先后顺序是“_________”.
A. green, jacket, juice B. juice, green, jacket C. jacket, juice, green
( ) 45. Look!My mother is _________ a potato salad in the kitchen.
A. makes B. making C. make
( ) 46. ______ you ______ the piano next week
Do; play B. Are; play C. Will; play
( ) 47. Two days ago, two men_____________ the tiger with a large net.
A. catch B. catches C. caught
( ) 48. Did Bobby ________ an email ________ you that day
A. write, for B. wrote, to C. write, to
( ) 49.—________will we meet tomorrow morning —At the school gate.
A. Where B. When C. What
( ) 50. He wants to be a _______,He wants to write stories for children.
A. pianist B. writer C. dancer
( ) 51. London is the capital(首都) of_________.
A. Canada B. the US C. the UK
( ) 52. _________ usually goes to bed late at night.
A. The boys B. My cousin C. The twin sisters
( ) 53. The box is too _________, I can’t move it.
A. heavy B. light C. soft
( ) 54. We shouldn’t drink _________cola.
A. too much B. much too C. so many
( ) 55. Let’s _________a play, it is The king’s new clothes.
A. put on B. take off C. turn on
九、阅读短文,根据短文内容选出合适的答案。 (10分)
Bill is a boy. When he was six, he began to go to school, and now he is in Grade Three. His home is not far from his school, but he is often late for school. Bill likes watching TV in the evening and goes to bed late, so he can’t get up early in the morning.
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