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( ) My cat broke my cup. I feel very angry. What should I do
( ) You’re right. Thank you.
( ) Amy, you look angry. What’s wrong
( ) You’re welcome.
( ) You should take a deep breath and count to ten.
A. He lives near a gym.
B. What are your uncle’s hobbies
C. I often buy books there.
D. He goes to work by subway.
E. Where does he work
A: Who’s that man
B: He is my uncle.
A: 1. ________
B: He works in Xinhua Bookstore.
A: Really 2. ________
How does your uncle go to work
B: 3. ________
A: Where does he live
B: 4. ________
A: 5. ________
B: He likes playing sports and doing kung fu.
A: Great! I like doing kung fu, too.
A. When are we going
B. Is it near
C. What are you going to do tomorrow
D. I want to buy some books, too.
E. It’s behind the People’s Park.
Tom: 1. ________
Mike: I’m going to buy a book in the bookstore.
Tom: Where is the bookstore
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