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( ) 1. (2017新密市) My sister likes ________ stories.
A. read B. reading C. reads
( ) 2. (2017登封市) —What ________ Wu Yifan ________ tomorrow
—He is going to make a snowman.
A. am; doing B. is; going C. is; going to do
( ) 3. (2016上街区) The traffic light is green now. We can ________.
A. go B. wait C. stop and wait
( ) 4. (2016新密市) My parents and I ________ my grandparents next Sunday.
A. am going to see B. go to see C. are going to see
( ) 5. (2016巩义市) —Mum, I feel ill. What should I do —You should ________.
A. count to ten B. see a doctor C. take a deep breath
( ) 6. (2017荥阳市) —________ —It’s next to the library.
A. Is there a library B. Where is the bookstore
C. How do you go to the bookstore
( ) 7. (2017高新区) —Does he live in Australia —________
A. Yes, he does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. Yes, he is.
( ) 8. —Where are we going —________
A. I’m going to buy a cake. B. We are going to the cinema.
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