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四 年 级 英 语 期末口 语测试卷
ⅰ. 请读出以下单词。(共10题,每小题2分)
1.read 2. goes 3.Wednesday 4.February 5.January
6.February 7.January 8. Science 9.beside 10.behind
ⅱ. 请读出以下短语。(共10题,每小题2分)
1.at noon 2.at home 3.how many 4.whose guitar 5.in Sydney
6.at school 7.on Sunday 8.go to the cinema 9.go to school 10.go to the museum
Is it sweet or sour
Have some water.
What do you like
Let’s go to school.
It is half past eight.

ⅳ. 根据问句做出回答。(共10分,每小题3分)
What do you have
What lessons do you have on Monday
Is the sofa soft or hard
What time is it now
How is the weather today
What time do you get up
Are you happyWhy
Do you like painting
How is the orange
Do you like Children’s Day Why
Look! I’m an ugly duckling. It’s spring. I’m big and grey. My mother doesn’t like me . I swim away. I’m not a baby any more. I can see some ducks in the river. They don’t want to play with me. I’m not happy.
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