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( )1. A. walked B.walk C. worked D.work
( )2. A. them B.they C. then D.when
( )3. A. coats B. clothes C. close D.cold
( )4. A. use B. news C. newspapers D.lose
( )5. A. feel B. foot C. fit D.food
( )6. A. rainy B. sunny C. honey D.funny
( )7. A. spell B. still C. speak D. start
( )8. A.cloud B. coats C.clouds D.blouse
( )9. A. lose B. last C. lost D.just
( )10. A. where B. wear C. wore D.wearing
( )1. A. I did shopping. B. I went to shopping.
C. I like shopping. D. I go shopping.
( )2. A. She went to the zoo. B.She watched a film.
C.He went to the Bund. D.He was happy.
( )3. A. It’s fun. B. It was fun.
C. It is rainy. D.It was rainy.
( )4. A. Yes, I could. B. Yes, I did.
C. Yes, I can D. No, I did.
( )5. A. She could write. B. She couldn’t write.
He could run. D.He couldn’t run.
( )1.When was Tom’s birthday
A. It was 1st June. B. It was 3rd May.
C. It was 2nd June. D. It was 1st May.
( )2. What did Tom’s parents give him
A. A model ship. B. A new ship.
C. A model plane. D. A new plane.
( )3. Where did they go after lunch
A.They went to the supermarket. B. They went to the park.
C. They went to the zoo. D.They went to the Bund.
( )4.When did Tom’s friends go home
A.At 5 o’clock. B. At 3 o’clock.
C. At 4 o’clock. D.At 2 o’clock.
( )5. What did Tom buy
A. A VCD. B. An American ship.
C. A ship. D.A birthday cake.
It was sunny in the morning. Dad and I _______ up very early. Because we ______ to go fishing. We had a _______ breakfast. _______ we went by bike. Mum _______ us to ______ raincoats with us. But we ______ _______ to her. It began to rain after lunch. Dad and I had to go ______. We were wet all _______. Oh, what a day!
1.The fashion show ________________(进展顺利) at first.
2.He has many friends ___________________________(来自世界各地).
3.They ________________________(参观了颐和园)last weekend.
4.My father _______________(抓到了一条大鱼)last Sunday.
5.The two men made __________________(一些神奇的衣服)for the king.
6. Now young people like (交朋友) on the Internet.
7.Look! Liu Tao is looking out of the window. _______________________
8.We can move the mountains away one day. ________________________
9.It was great fun. __________________________
10.Sam wants to know why. ______________________
1. There ______(be)three books on the desk just now. But they _____(be)there now.
2.Look! The kite _______(fly)high in the sky.
3.Mike ______(can)play football five years ago. But now he ______(can)play it well.
4.I’d like _______(go)to the Shanghai Museum the summer holiday.
5.He ______(draw)pictures in the park last Saturday.
6.It ________(rain)yesterday.
7.The ________(China)invented the compass.
8.My father liked ______(read)newspapers before.
( )1.It’s _____ turn to say the sentence.
A. Lily B. Lily’s C. Lilys D. Lily is
( ) 2. My teacher me a story about the little girl last month.
A. tell B. told C. tells D. talked
( )3. Mr Green ______ us his new pen last class.
A.show B. showed C. shows D.is showing
( )4.It was ______ in the morning. But it ______ in the evening.
A. sunny;rainy B. rainy;sunny
C. sunny;rained D.rained;sunny
( )5. Amy _____ excited _____ the parrot show.
A.is;to B. is;for C.was;about D.was;of
( ) 6. ____Su Hai and Su Yang in the classroom ten minutes ago
A. Did B. Do C. Are D. Were
( )7. We had a good time ____ National Day.
A. at B. in C. on D. for
( )8. He _____ newspapers for news three years ago.
A.read B. reads C. readed D.is reading
( )9.There ______ some water and two apples in the fridge just now.
was B. were C. is D.are
( )10. Where ______ your sister ______ last weekend
A.does;goes B. does;go C.did;went D.did;go
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