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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 人教精通版英语小学五年级下学期期中测试题(满分100) 姓名: 班级: 一、选择正确的一组字母补完单词,将序号写在题前括号内。(5分) ( )1、l__br__ry A. a, a B. i, a C. a, i ( )2、__nsw__ __ A. e, er B. a, ar C. a, er ( )3、__fr__ __d A. a, ai B. e, ia C. a, ei ( )4、th__ __k A. un B. on C. in ( )5、tr__ __n A. ei B. ia C. ai 二、根据汉语提示写出单词。(5分) 1、_____________(欢迎) to my school. 2、I want a toy ____________(飞机)。 3、You should _______________(起床) early. 4、Here’s a ___________________(康复卡) for you. 5、You should help to ___________________(做家务). 三、选择正确的翻译,将序号写在题前括号内。(10分) ( )1、have a fever A.吃药 ( )2、take some medicine B.帮助老人 ( )3、help old people C.制造噪音 ( )4、make noise D.在街道上玩耍 ( )5、keep your room clean E.摘花 ( )6、play on the street F.咳嗽 ( )7、take a good rest G.绘画 ( )8、paint a picture H.发烧 ( )9、have a cough I.好好休息 ( )10、pick flowers J.保持房间清洁 四、选择恰当的介词填空,可重复使用。(10分) on, for, to, from, with, at,about,too,around,in 1、We often borrow books ________ the library. 2、Do you often come ________ the library. 3、Can I try it _____? 4、We sing and dance______the art club. 5、You must wait________ the green light. 6、Peter is a good student _____ school. 7、Let me show you ______ our school. 8、What’s wrong _________ you? 9、How _________this one? 10、They are ________big for me. 五、选择不同类的一项,将序号写在题前括号内。(5分) ( )1、A. grapes B. lessons C. dragon fruit ( )2、A. take B. have C. medicine ( )3、A. stomachache B. toothache C. rest ( )4、A. fever B. TV C. cold ( )5、A. music B. ill C. art 六、按要求写出单词。(10分) 1.piano(复数)__________ 2.too(同义词)________________ 3.shoudn’t(完整形式)__________ 4。here’s(完整形式)_______________ 5.feel(第三人称单数)_____________ 6.box(复数)____________________ 7.people(复数)____________________ 8.children(单数)________________ 9.does(否定形式)_______________ 10.can’t(完整形式)_____________ 七、选词填空(10分) make,quiet,carefully,ask,eat,listen,late,draw,actively,don’t 1.Don’t be________for school. 2.Be_______in the library. 3.We________questions_________in class. 4.Don’t________noise. 5._______to the teacher_______. 6.Don’t________on the wall. 7.______ _______food in class. 八、单项选择,将序号写在题前括号内。(18分) ( )1、We________ in the art club. A. paint B. draw C. Both A and B ( )2、We often read books ________ the library. A. from B. around C. in ( )3、Can I try ________on? A. is B. my C. it ( )4、You must keep _________ the grass. A. of B. off C. from ( )5、I want ___________ a toy boat. A. buy B. / C. A and B ( )6、You shouldn’t watch TV ________ often. A. to B. be C. too ( )7、Listen to the teacher __________. A. carefully B. actively C. careful ( )8、I’m _________ about my lessons. A. worry B. worried C. worries ( )9、Kate ______ to the hospital with her mum. A. go B. going C. goes ( )10、How are you __________ today? A. feeling B. feels C. feel ( )11、You should ask questions _________. A. carefully B. actively C. careful ( )12、They often have a ___________. A. meeting B. meets C. meet ( )13、Look _____! The light is red. A. at B. out C. of ( )14、How much ______ these short pants? A. are B. is C. do ( )15、You ______ spit on the ground. A. should B. must C. mustn’t ( )16、I like ______. A. sing B. dance C. singing ( )17、You ________ make a mess in your room. A. should B. could C. shouldn’t ( )18、We often play ______ piano in the music club. A. the B. / C. a 九、读句子,选出合适的答语,将序号写在题前括号内。(7分) ( )1、This way ,please! A. We have two. ( )2、Is this your language lab? B. My name is Kate. ( )3、How many art lessons do you have in a week? C. Thank you! ( )4、Do you like music? D. Yes, we do. ( )5、How much is it? E. We sing and dance. ( )6、What do you do in the music club? F. Yes, it is. ( )7、May I have your name? G. It’s sixty—five yuan. 十、根据短文意思,补全对话,将序号写在横线上。(5分) ----A: Can I help you? ----B: ___________________ ----A: _____________________ ---- B: Oh, they are too big for me. ----A: How about this pair? ----B: ______________________ ---- A: Certainly. ---- B: They are OK. _____________ ----A: They are 65 yuan. ---- B: _______________ ----A: Thank you. 十一、用should或shouldn’t填空(5分) 1.You_________go to bed early. 2.You_________read in bed. 3.You_________keep your room clean. 4.You_________help to do housework. 5.You_________make a mess in your room. 十二、根据短文的内容判断,将序号写在题前括号内。(10分) Kate and her mum go to the toy shop. Kate wants to buy a toy ship. In the toy shop. Kate sees many toys—buses , cars, boats and so on. Mum likes the small ship. It’s twenty—five yuan. But Kate likes the big one. It’s fifty yuan. At last, Kate takes the big one. Kate is so happy. ( )1、Kate and her mum are in the clothes shop. ( )2、Kate wants to buy a small ship. ( )3、Kate sees many toys in the toy shop. ( )4、The small ship is fifty yuan. ( )5、Kate takes the small ship. 答案 1. BCACC 2. 1Welcome 2plane 3get up 4get-well card 5do the housework 3. HABCJDIGFE 4. 1from 2to 3on 4in 5for 6at 7around 8with 9about 10too 5. BCCBB 6. 1pianos 2also 3should not 4here is 5feels 6boxes 7people 8child 9doesn’t 10can not 7. 1late 2quiet 3ask,actively 4make 5Listen,carefully 6draw 7Don’t eat 8. CCCBB CABCA BABAC CCA 9. CFADGEB 10. EDCAB 十一.1should 2shouldn’t 3should 4should 5shouldn’t 十二.FFTFF A、How much are they? B、I’ll take them. C、Can I try them on? D、What about this pair? E. Yes, I want a pair of pants. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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