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开发区五校联片2018-2019学年第二学期期中教学质量检测 五年级英语试卷 听力部分(40分) 一、听音,选择你听到的单词,并将其代号填在( )里。(10分) ( ) 1.A.head B. tea C. dream D. meat ( ) 2. A. class B. pass C. ask D. and ( ) 3.A.rice B. is C. ice D. nice ( ) 4.A.coat B .photo C. rode D. food ( ) 5.A.bread B. team C. teacher D. read 二、听句子,给下列图片排序。(10分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 三、仔细听,选择正确的答案。(10分) 1.Here is our new _______. A. book B. computer C. card 2. --- What did you eat last night? --- I ate _______ A. hamburgers B. eggs C. sandwiches 3. Chen hai is a (an) ______ teacher. A. English B. Chinese C. Maths 4. She didn't have a ______. A. television B. radio C. telephone 5. The black bag is ______. A. light B. broken C. heavy 四、听录音,根据所听内容补充短文。(10分) was hard retired taught learning Ten years ago, Mr Li ______ a teacher. He______ Chinese. Now, Mr Li is _________, he’s _________ English. He studies very ________. 笔试部分(60分) 五、根据图意,把单词补充完整。(10分) um__r__lla l_b_ary san__wi__hes l_g_t d__nc_ _ 6、选出不同类的一项。(5分) ( ) 1.A.bike B. on C. bus ( ) 2. A. big B. heavy C. learn ( ) 3. A. go B. did C. watched ( ) 4. A. red B. gave C. green ( ) 5.A.hard B. carry C. easy 七、选择填空。(5分) 1.There (A. were B. weren’t) any cars or buses. 2.It’s big (A .for B. with) you. 3.She didn’t_ _(A .had B. have) a radio. 4.I miss (A.I B .my) grandmother. 5.You can’t __it__ China. (A. take---on B .take---to) 八、给下列动词与其过去式连线,并仿照例句完成句子。(10分) Yesterday 例句:I watched TV. do taught 1. Amy _____ _her homework eat did 2.He an English breakfast. send ate 3.Daming _ ____ an email to Lingling have sent 4.Sam a hamburger. teach had 5.Mr Li Chinese. 九、读句子看图片,选择合适的单词填入句子中的横线上。(5分) 1、You can read information in a or in a . 2、You can see and hear information on a . 3、You can find out information about the weather on . 4、Chinese people like very much! 十、根据所给动词短语,写一写昨天同学们所做的事情。(5分) 1).Yesterday Daming ___________________(踢了足球) 2).Lingling __________________________(吃了冰激凌) 3).Xiao yong ____________________(看望了奶奶) 4).Amy ____________________(做了家庭作业) 5).Sam ______________________(去了图书馆) 十一.选择正确的答语,将序号写在题前的括号里。(10分) ( )1 Why is she wearing a dress? A Yes. Here you are. ( )2 Can I have your library card please? B I drank juice. ( )3 Did he make a cake? C Because it’s hot. ( )4 What did you drank for dinner? D No ,he didn’t. ( )5 Where are the books? E They are on shelf 十二.阅读短文,判断句子正(T)误(F)。(10分) I am Lucy. I like bags very much. I have two bags now. One is big and heavy. The bag is black. My father bought it ten years ago. And it has got no wheels and no pockets. And the other bag is yellow. It’s big but light. I bought it last year when I went to Beijing. t has got two wheels and three pockets. And it also has got a cute bear on it. ( ) 1. Lucy has two bags. ( ) 2.Her father bought a yellow bag for her. ( ) 3.The black bag is big and heavy. ( ) 4.The yellow bag has got no wheels. ( ) 5. Lucy bought the yellow bag last year. 开发区五校联片2018-2019学年第二学期期中教学质量检测 五年级英语试卷听力材料(40分) 一、听音,选择你听到的单词,并将其代号填在( )里。(10分) A.head 2.C. ask 3.C. ice 4. B .photo 5. C. teacher 二、听句子,给下列图片排序。(10分) The green bag is too heavy for her. Lingling had an ice cream yesterday. Fangfang did her homework last night. Amy made a cake for her mum. She helpde her grandma to buy things. 三、仔细听,选择正确的答案。(10分) 1.Here is our new card. 2. --- What did you eat last night? --- I ate hamburgers 3. Chen hai is a (an) English teacher. 4. She didn't have a radio 5. The black bag is broken . 四.听录音,根据所听内容补充短文。(10分) was hard retired taught learning Ten years ago, Mr Li was a teacher. He taught Chinese. Now, Mr Li is retired, he’s learning English. He studies very hard. 参考答案 1, ACCBC 2, 31542 3, CAABB 4, Was taught retired learning hard 5, Be /is/ds/ih/ae 6, BCABB 7, BABBB 8, 略 9, Book/newspaper/CD/television/dragon 10, Played football/ate an ice cream/visited grandma/did homework /went to the library 11, CADBE 12, FTTTT 装 订 线 学校: 班级: 姓名: 考号:________ CD; television; book; newspaper; dragon did homework, visited grandma, ate an ice cream, went to the library , played football make a cake , PAGE
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