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2018-2019四年级英语下册第三次质检 一 听力部分(40分) 一.选出你所听到的单词。(10分) ( ) 1. A. park B. party C. peach ( ) 2. A. tea B. clean C. pear ( ) 3. A ship B. shirt C. short ( ) 4. A. card B. art C. arm ( ) 5. A. thirty B. forty C. twenty ( ) 6. A. hospital B. school C. noodle ( ) 7. A. lake B. make C. cake ( ) 8. A. moon B. cool C. school ( ) 9. A. shorts B. shoes C. socks ( ) 10. A. bird B. birthday C. girl 二.听句子,判断所读的句子与图意是否相符,用T或F表示。(8分 三.听句子,选出你所听到的句子的正确答语。(10分) 1. A Yes,they are. B No, they are. C Yes, he is 2. A Yes, I am. B No, I am not. C No, you may not. 3. A We are going to the park. B Yes, we are. C No, we aren’t. 4. A There are thirty –five. B Yes, there are. C No, there isn’t. 5 . A No. It’s Lisa’s. B Yes, it’s your. C It’s my. 四.听短文,写出所缺的单词。(12分) We are moving to a new home. There is a ____________, a _______, a __________and a ________. There are four _________. One is for my Dad and Mom. One is for my grandmother. One is for my brother. One is for me. I’m very happy. But there isn’t a _________. I like my new home. 二 笔试部分 (60分) 一.选择正确的一项,补全对话,把代号填在横线上。(5分) A: Hello, Jack! B: 1__________ A: Who is he ? B: 2___________ A: Where are you going ? B: 3____________ A: Do you like animals, Jack ? B: 4__________ I like pandas. A: 5____________ 。(5分) 二.从方框内选出正确的词完成句子。(8分) bank watch does time shirt gym how is 1、__________she going to the ________?No, she isn’t. 2、Is there a _________ in your school. 3、What _________ is it now? It’s 8:10. 4、May I ________TV, Mom? 5、_________she have a ________? No, she doesn’t. 6、_______may rooms are there in your home? 三.选择题。(10分) ( ) 1. Jenny ________ a pencil . A. have B. has C. am ( ) 2 . Where ________Jenny going? A. am B. are C. is ( ) 3. Is there a bedroom _______ everyone ? A. in B. to C. for ( ) 4. It’s hot today . Let’s go to the _________________ . A. shirt B. book C. swimming pool ( ) 5. I’m hungry. I’m going to the________ A. bank B. park C. restaurant ( ) 6. We play basketball____ the playground every day. A. at B. on C. in ( ) 7. How many ________ are there in your school ? A. teacher’s office B. teachers’ offices C. classroom ( ) 8. My skirt is blue ______ white. A. or B. of C. and ( ) 9. May I ________ a yellow balloon? A. have B. has C. having ( ) 10. I can see(看见) a tiger in the_______. A. kitchen B. garden C. zoo 四.看图完成句子。(14分) 1、What _______ you ___________? I’m ___________ . 2、My brother is ________to the _______ __________. 3、_______ are you _________? I’m going to the _________________. 4、________ they going to the _______ ________? Yes, they ___________. 5、It’s 7:10. We ‘re going to ___________. 五.连词成句,注意大小写和标点符号。(12分) 1. blue, are, your, socks, these (?) ____________________________________ 2. are, going , we, the , to , movie theater (.) ____________________________________ 3 . everyone , is , a, bedroom , there, for (.) _______________________________________________ 4. car, going, the, to, our, school, is (.) ______________________________________________ 5. is, a, in, he, supermarket, big (.) _____________________________________________ 六.阅读理解。(10分) Mike and Tom are in the same school. They are in the same grade, too. Mike has English class in the morning, but Tom has English class in the afternoon. After school, they play games. Their friends play different games. Some play basketball. Some play soccer . Some fly kites and some ride bikes. They can jump, swim and sing, too. They are good students. They love their school. 判断下列句子与对话内容是否相符,对的用T ,错的用 F 表示。 ( )1. Mike and Tom are in the same school. ( ) 2. They have English class in the morning. ( ) 3.They are in the same class. ( ) 4. They don’t go home after school. They play games ( ) 5. The students play the same game. 四年级英语听力内容 一.选出你所听到的单词。 1. B. party 2. B. clean 3C. short 4. B. art 5. A. thirty 6. A. hospital 7. A. lake 8. B. cool 9. A. shorts 10. A. bird 二、听朗读,判断下列图片是否与所读内容相符,相符的写“T ”,不相 符的写“F”。(10分) 1. This is an art room. 2. This is a garden. 3. There is a dining room in my home. 4. They’re going to see a movie . 5. I have some shorts . 6. There is a TV in the living room . 7. There is a gym in our school . 8. This is my bedroom . 9. Let’s go to the movie theater. 10. He’s my grandfather . 三.听句子,选出你所听到的句子的正确答语。 1.Are they going to the beach? 2. May I watch TV? 3.Where are you going? 4. How many barthrooms are there? 5 . Is this your T-shirt? . 四.听短文,写出所缺的单词。(12分) We are moving to a new home. There is a dining room, a living room, a kitchen and a barthroom. There are four bedrooms. One is for my Dad and Mom. One is for my grandmother. One is for my brother. One is for me. I’m very happy. But there isn’t a garden_. I like my new home. A. I like pandas,too. B. He is my brother, Tom. C. We are going to the zoo . D. Hi, Lucy! E. Yes, I do . PAGE 1
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