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Four apps for students to learn English
Quizlet is a learning app---a computer program you use on your mobile device. It can help users build and test
their knowledge of English words and terms. Quizlet has word sets for millions of subjects. And, it is quickly becoming a useful mobile tool for language learners.
In Socrative, teachers can create timed learning games. In class, students compete individually or as part of a team against classmates. One game students love is called space Race. In this game, if a team answers a question correctly, their rocket moves forward. This team whose rocket gets to the end first wins. Also, teachers can use Socrative as an “exit ticket,” a question they can ask students about what they learned in that day’s class. Students write their answers on their mobile devices. Then, the teacher can show the answers on a shared video screen.
QR Codes
A QR Code is a kind of sign that a smartphone can read with its camera. When your phone camera reads a QR code, it takes you to a website, image, video or anything you want to share. For example, one will take you to the VOA Learning English website.
Evernote lets users store and share notes, images and recordings in one place. Teachers can also use Evernote to give homework.
1. Which is the best for students to build up vocabulary
A. Quizlet.
B. QR Codes.
C. Evernote.
D. Socrative.
2. What can a teacher do by using Socrative
A. Give homework.
B. Carry out a classroom test.
C. Look up new words.
D. Visit an English-learning website.
3. What’s the purpose of the text
A. To make an advertisement.
B. To encourage using mobile phones.
C. To improve English learning.
D. To introduce some learning apps.
【答案】1. A 2. B 3. D
细节理解题。根据It can help users build and test their knowledge of English words and terms.得知Quizlet.这款应用可以帮助用户增加词汇量。故选A。
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