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The Opening of a new bookstore, the Book Green Hook
Sunday, September 5, 9a.m. to 9 p.m
You will not want to miss the opening of your new neighbourhood bookstore! Located at 289 Main Street, the Book Green Hook is within walking distance of schools, homes and businesses. Come and check out the Book Green Hook on Sunday!
There are various activities, including:
Live music by local musicians
One Book-of-Reading Club membership giveaway
Wide Selection
The Book Green Hook has five floors with books of all kinds—whatever you want. If we do not have the book you are looking for, we can specially order it for you. You will have it in your hands within two days!
Reading Corners
We are proud of our children’s reading area on the first floor, as well as our teenagers’ Corner on the second floor. Come for the activities and stay a while! Settle in one of these inviting reading areas; take a seat with a good book and a free cup of hot chocolate. You will discover the perfect way to spend a few hours.
Book Events
The Book Green Hook will be featuring monthly book signings by different authors, giving you a chance to meet and speak with well-known writers. Don’t miss the experience of hearing these authors read aloud their own books!
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