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第一节:单项选择(共15 小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
21. Although living on a income, the Smiths lead a happy life.
A. modest B. mild C. evident D. acute
22. Try to prepare the cake yourself, as nothing can ________ the feeling of a homemade cake baked with love.
A. live up to B. match up to C. come up to D. look up to
23.With the number of migrants rising sharply, Europe’s leaders have struggled to find a solution that can ______ both domestic political pressures and their legal and moral duties to shelter those migrants.
A. influence B. guarantee C. accommodate D. convince
24. Drugs like upper may increase the heart rate of users and create an artificial sense of pleasure, but they can unconsciously suck life right out of a person______.
A. either B. regardless C. meanwhile D. therefore
25. —How about your new business
—We’re drawing up our plans ______ experiences of other factories.
A. in the charge of B. in the light of C. in the event of D. in the name of
26. Do you believe that ______ economic development and pollution are beyond control, it can be concluded that the latter is purely due to the former
A. where B. even though C. unless D. while
27. The President Xi took office several years ago , ______ great changes ha
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