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Kids Go Free These School Holidays
●Sat 6 Jan 10:00a.m.--10:00p.m.
●Sun 7 Jan 10:00a.m.--10:00p.m.
●Mon 8 Jan 8:30a.m.--10:00p.m.
●Tue 9 Jan 9:00a.m.--10:00p.m.
●Wed 10 Jan 8:30a.m.--10:00p.m.
Rainbow Springs, Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua
All ages
Ticket Information:
● An Adult Pass: $30.00
●Family Pass (two adults and two children ):$80.00
●. Extra child with Family Pass: $8.00
● Buy Tickets --0800-724-626
There’s a lot to see and do at Rainbow Springs.
Join us in the park for a fun-filled and action-packed day, exploring and learning all about the wonderful birds, bugs and beasts that call New Zealand home.
Use promo code KIDSGOFREE when purchasing your Family Pass and grab free entry for the kids these school holidays.
Your day pass includes:
-Endless fun on our awesome new Playscapes! Hidden throughout the park are some exciting new, hands-on play installations(设施) that will teach you all about native species and conservation in a fun way!
-Unlimited rides on the Big Splash ride!
-Entry to our exciting new free- flight Bird Show twice daily at 11:30a.m. and 2:30p.m.
-Entry to the new Science in our Forests exhibition presented by Scion! You’ll
see live insects up close, learn more about how we can protect our forests and get a glimpse into the future of a wood-powered world.
-Repeat entry throughout the day so you can come back at night, when it’s dark, to see kiwi in our outdoor enclosure(围栏)。
Terms and conditions:
The activity is available for travel between 26th December -6th February only.
21.When can children take part in the activity ?
A.On 10 Jan , 9:30a.m. B. On 6 Jan , 8;00a.m.
C. On 12Jan , 8:30p.m. D. On 8 Jan , 8:00a.m.
22.What can children do with a day pass ?
A.Take rides on the world’s biggest ride.
B.Learn knowledge about forest conservation
C.Help train birds on the Bird Show.
D.Learn about native and foreign species.
23.How much should Mr. And Mrs Green pay with their three boys?
A.$110 B. $80 C.$118 D.$88
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