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2019年秋期高中二年级期终质量评估 英语试题答案 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)听力答案 1-5 CCBAC 6-10 CAABA 11-15BBAAC 16-20BBBAB (Text 1) W,:Look! Wendy’s in the playground, doing sports with her classmates. M: But it's time for her to finish her schoolwork now. (Text 2) W. Excuse me. How much is this hat? M: It's fourteen dollars and fifty cents. W: Good. I'll take it. Here is a twenty. (Text 3) W:The camera is not in the car! You must have left it somewhere while shopping M: Take it easy. I remember clearly that you put it on the sofa in our living room. (Text 4) M: After high school, I'll go to college and major in computer science. W:I know it is easy for its majors to get a well-paid job, but I'd rather spend my college days studying how children learn. (Text5) M: I wonder whether the dentist could fit me in early tomorrow morning. W:I'm afraid he's not available before midday. M:How about 3: 00 in the afternoon? W:He will be in a meeting and it will last about an hour. (Text 6) M: Hi, I come to pick up my laundry. W: OK, here you are. Please check and see if there is any damage. M: I'm afraid that a button is missing. W: Sorry. We forgot to sew the button back on. Please give me a second..Is it alright now? M:Good Er... But there is another problem. There is still a spot on the shirt. W: Oh, that's so bad. I am awfully sorry.This is a membership card. You can pay 80 percent of the full price next time. M: Thanks. (Text 7) W: Excuse me. I'd like to cash 100 pounds of the traveler's cheque, please. M:No problem. W: One question, is there a service charge? M: No, there isn’t. Now, let's see. OK. Ineed to see your passport. And may I have your signature right here? W: OK, here you are. M: Very good. Would you like your money in 50-pound notes? W:Well, I would like to have 10-pound or5-pound notes instead. M: Sure. Just a moment, please. (Text 8) M: Hello! W: Good evening, sir. This is the assistant manager. M: Oh, what's up? W:I’m afraid we've had a complaint from the guest next door. He's trying to get some sleep as he has an early start tomorrow, I'm sure you can understand .M: Oh, I see. W: We do hope to give our guests a good sleep in our hotel. It is already after eleven. We'll appreciate it if you could turn down the music a little bit. M: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that. W: Thank you for your cooperation, sir,and good night to you. Do you still need a morning call? M: Yes. Thank you. (Text 9) Mark is left alone at home. How's he feeling? I'm still worried. M: Oh, honey, he's already 12. W: Although he doesn't look anxious or unhappy, I know he's just pretending to be brave. M: Take it easy! He's fine. W: But we have to make sure that he knows what to do in case of emergency. M: Of course he does. He took part in the first aid training program last month and passed the exam. W: The exam? It cannot help absolutely in reality. M: Hmm, you have a point. W:I have got a solution. Let's create an emergency situation for him. Then he'll have real-life experience instead of just theory. M: Shh! Keep the plan between us. (Text 10) M: Breaking news. We’ve just learned that Typhoon Harry has changed its path and it is not heading straight for the city center. We expect to have winds of over 130 miles per hour. The typhoon should arrive at about 6:00 early in the morning. Please get prepared for it; board up your windows and make sure they are fastened; tie your boats tightly. All ship timetables will be canceled.If you are planning to leave, try to get out of town quickly before 3 am. For those of you staying in town, stay indoors and out of your cars. After typhoon dies down, the communication company will be out repairing the cables as well as the signal tower. Don’t touch any wires on the ground. If you Internet and electricity go out, please be patient. Focus on radio for more information. 第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分) A 本文是应用文。文章介绍了四个值得看的电视节目。 A。细节理解题。由 I Feel Bad部分中的Don t let the depressing name of the show mislead you 和this new half-hour situation comedy可以推知,该剧是情景喜剧,应该会很有趣。 C。细节理解题。由 Dead Lucky部分中的police crime dramas 和 The Golden Globe-winning Australian actress plays a moody but gifted detective可知,对侦探类故事感兴趣 的人会喜欢该剧。 B。细节理解题。由 art in the Twenty- First Century部分中的 The series... returns with new episodes that will focus on innovative artists 和 Friday, Sept. 21, at 9 p.m. 可知答案。 B 本文主要介绍了中国春节如何日益成为一个全球性节日。 24.C。推理判断题。首段介绍了春节到来之际,缅甸一家小超市里的场景,第一段最后一句点出本段主题,即春节逐渐成为一个全球性的节日。所以用超市里热闹的场景与稀少的汉族人口相对比,就是为了突出中国新年被庆祝的广泛程度,C项解释最得当。 25.A。细节理解题。由第二段第二句But dragon and lion dances in Chinatowns over the world have helped make China's the most famous.可知,广为人知的庆祝方式是舞龙和舞狮,故选A项。 26.D。细节理解题。由第三段尾句可知,一些国家庆祝中国春节是针对那些打算去国外度假的中国新中产阶级,故选D项。 27.C。主旨大意题。通读全文可知,本文介绍了中国春节日益成为一个全球性的节日, C项最能概括文意。 C 本文是说明文。科学家发现吃昆虫可能有益于身体健康。 28.C。推理理解题。根据第三段中的About two billion people regularly eat insects 和Yet even...可推知,此句应是对吃昆虫的肯定。故选C“人们越来越接受吃昆虫”。 29.D。推理判断题。根据第四段中的 Compared to raising cattle and more traditional livestock, insects need far less natural resources such as land and and water可推知,相对而言,养昆虫使用的水和地比较少,可以节约资源。 30.C。细节理解题。根据倒数第三段中的Breakfasts enriched with insects changed the amount of different bacteria in the gut和And those changes were in a direction that should improve a diner’s health可知,两位科学家Stull和Weir发现,吃昆虫应该有益于健康。 31.D。细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的Scientists think prebiotics, which fuel the growth of helpful gut bacteria可知,益生元能帮助肠道中的有益菌繁殖。 D 本文是新闻报道。文章介绍了由日本科学家研发的海豹型机器人 32.B。细节理解题。根据第一段中的 The robot named Paro, is marketed as a therapeutic device that can help comfort people who have problems that can lead to social isolation可知,Paro主要是为患者带来一丝慰藉。 33.A。推理判断题。根据第三段中的 Shibata says he tried making robotic cats and dogs... would compare the robot to real animals they had known可知,人们对机器猫比较失望,因为他们总会将其与真猫咪作对比。 34.B。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的 When a nurse put the robot on her lap...The robot made a high sound, and Long laughed可知,Long很关心Paro并被它的声音逗乐,说明Long很喜欢Paro。 35.B。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的 It doesn’t solve the problem that is really causing their lack of enjoyment of life可知,Bill Thomas认为Paro虽然可以为孤独,无聊的人带来快乐,但是加不能真正解决他们生活中的问题。 E 本文是说明文,文章介绍了中国的传统食物豆腐及其在美国的发展。 36.C。由本空前面的Do you start with和本后面的 Tofu is made from soybeans可以锁定C项中的do you start with和tofu代入后,“或者你起初想吃脆皮豆腐后来却选了麻婆豆腐”符合语境。 37.F。由本空后面的letter和下文的 Franklin可以锁定F项中的 a letter by Benjamin Franklin。代入后,“在美国,其中一个最早提到豆腐的记载是本杰明·兰克林的一封信”符合语境。 38.G。由本空前后的时间 in the late I600’s, In1917, It wasn’t until the 1970’s可知,本文按时间顺序介绍了豆腐在美国的发展史,故G项“可能到一十世纪早期,拥有大量亚洲人口的城市才开始有小型店”符合语境。 39.E。结合本空前面的In 1917, the United States Department of Agriculture sent Chinese-born doctor Yamei Kin, a dietitian well- known for promoting tofu as an nutritious meat alternative, to China to study soybeans 和本空后面的 It wasn’t until the 1970’s that tofu started to become better known可知,E项“尽管政府努力提升美国民众对豆腐的兴趣,但收效甚微”符合语境。 40.D。结合本空前面提到的时间和内容以及本空后面的 And the restaurant chain Chipotle successfully added tofu to its menu a few years ago可知,D项“如今,你在许多美国的超市都能买到不同的豆腐”符合语境。 第三部分英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分) 本文是记叙文。文章主要讲述了一个失去左臂的男孩在教练的帮助下将自己的劣势转变为优势,从而在柔道锦标赛中赢得冠军的故事。 41.C。根据空前的 Turning our weaknesses into strengths可知,把自己的劣势转变为优势可以让我们变得“强大(powerful)”。 42.B。根据空前的A 12 year-old boy, Kim overcame his weakness可知,一个12岁的男孩克服了自身的弱点,并把它变成了自己的“优势( strength)”。 43.D。 44.A。根据下一段中的 a single armed boy可知,Kim在一次可怕的事故中“失去了(lost)”左臂,他非常“伤心( heartbroken)。 45.C。 根据本段中的 To cheer him up, his father made him join a Judo club 及As the boy always wanted to learn Judo 可知,Kim的爸爸帮Kim加入了一家未柔道俱乐部,他希望Kim能够变得“开心(happy)”起来。 46.A。根据本段中的 everyone wondered how a single-armed boy could learn Judo及 the master happily accepted him可知大家都很好奇个独臂男孩如何学习柔道,“但是( However)”他的教练依然招收了他。 47.D。根据本段中的 Kim practice nothing but a single stroke. He trained for all 8 months in mastering a single stroke及 the boy was annoyed as his master taught him only one stroke可知, Kim八个月来只练习俱乐部,他感到很“(surprised)”,甚至还有些恼怒。 48.B。根据本段中的 The boy mastered the stroke and grew in confidence... do that particular stroke better可知,Kim把这招练得炉火纯青,“没人( nobody)”比他做得更好。 49.B。根据本段中的 The boy ...to compete in a Judo championship tournament 可 知,Kim被教练“选中( picked)”去参加柔道锦标赛。 50.D。根据空后的 Even the boy was not sure about why his master had chosen him可知,每个人都在“怀疑( doubted)” Kim和他的教练,甚至连Kim也不理解教练为什么会选择自己。 51.C。根据空前的 To everyone’s surprise及本段中的 He struggled a bit in the semi-finals but managed to win the match. Then the final match began可知,令人吃惊的是Kim竟然用他那一招轻易地“打赢了(beat)”六个参赛者,并得了半决赛最终杀入决赛。 52.A。53.C。根据本段中的 The opponent was very strong and... Kim可知,决赛的对手非常强壮,于是裁判和Kim的教练“商量( discussed)”,想让Kim退出比赛,因为裁判担心对手会“伤到(harm)” Kim。 54.B。根据空后told Kim to continue the match可知,Kim的教练“拒绝了(refused)”裁判的提议,他让Kim 继续比赛。 55.D。 根据下一段中的 how he had become champion可知,Kim费了好大的劲,“打赢了(won)”决赛。 56.A。根据空后的 asked his master how he had become champion可知,Kim对自己的胜利感到“难以置信( unbelievable)”。 57.D。根据空后的 very few can master to perfection可知,Kim学会了柔道中最“难的( difficult)”一招,几乎没有人能将这一招练到完美。 58.A。根据本段中的 If your opponent wants to beat you... they should hold your left arm可知,如果对手想要打赢Kim, “阻止( prevent)" Kim使用这一招,他们就得抓住Kim的左臂。 59.C。根据本段中教练对Kim获胜原因解释可知,这是Kim获胜背后的“秘密(secret)。 60.B。根据本段中的 if the boy turned his weakness, the loss of his left arm, into...可知,如果这个男孩能把自己没有左臂的劣势转变为一个巨大的“成功(success)”,那我们为什么不能呢? 语法填空: 61. by 62. which 63. was awarded 64. safer 65. to break approximately 67. Examining 68. produced 69. winner 70. it 第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分) 改错: 第一处: exercises----exercise 第二处: and----or 第三处: need 后加 a 第四处: long---length 第五处: 去掉 help前的be 或者help----helpful 第六处: skips----skipping 第七处: usually---usual 第八处: stressful---stressed 第九处: after---before 第十处: picking----pick 写作: Dear friends, I am Li Hua. I feel greatly honored to be here to share with you my opinion about our efforts to build a civilized city. In order to create a more livable environment and improve the citizens’ degree of civilization, the authorities have launched an activity entitled “Build A Civilized City”. As for me, I begin with small changes, such as obeying traffic rules, using polite languages, no littering, no spitting, etc. I’ll manage my own behavior and help people around me to form good habits. My dear friends, Nanyang is my hometown where I was born and grow up. I’m greatly attached to the land . Come on, friends. Take action right now! Do remember we can make a big difference if everyone does their bits. That’s all. Thanks for listening 29. What's the advantage of insect farming compared with traditional livestock farming A. It's face-saving. B. It's time-saving. C. It's labor-saving D It's resource-saving 30. What has Stull and Weir's study found out? A. Insects are rich in fiber. B. Chitin is similar to other fibers C. Eating insects is good for health D. Insects can keep gut bacteria in balance 31. How do prebiotics differ from probiotics? A. Prebiotics are good bacteria B. Prebiotics can be added to the diet Prebiotics need to be fed regularly. D. Prebiotics can inspire good gut bacteria. A baby seal robot from Japan has came to the U.s. It's been sold in Japan for several years, but now the company has created a Florida-based unit, Paro Robots U.S. Inc., to sell the creature to places like nursing homes and hospitals. The robot, named Paro, is marketed as a therapeutic(ar B )device that can help comfort people who have problems that can lead to social isolation(Aa t-). Takanori Shibata, a Japanese engineer, invented Paro. He says the robot,; which weighs about 6 pounds, is able to respond to touch, light, and sound. Shibata says he tried making robotic cats and dogs, but that people didnt find those convincing They expected too much, "he says, and would compare the robot to real animals they had known Few people have ever seen a live baby seal, so they arent likely to draw comparisons between the robot and the real thing So they accept Paro as a cute little companion The Vinson Hall Retirement Community in McLean held a recent event to showcase the robot and Virginia Long slowly came into the activity room. When a nurse put the robot on her lap, it began to shake slightly, and Long talked to it gently. Why are you shaking? Are you cold?"she asked. The robot made a high sound and Long laughed. She said she used to have a cat, but somebody stole him. "" Petting a seal is unusual, "she said, "but a lot of people have strange animals But some experts say a robot is no replacement for a real animal. " One of the things that we've learned is that it is the unexpected and natural behavior of the living creature that adds so much value to people's experience, Any kind of newness can get the attention of people who are lonely and bored, but that doesn 't necessarily help them live a meaningful life. It doesn' t solve the problem that is really causing their lack of enjoyment of life, "says Bill Thomas, a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County 32. What is the role of Paro? A. To look after baby seals B. To give relief to patients. C. To replace home-raised pets D. To provide medical examinations 高二英语第6页(共10页)
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