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Homestay in Sydney,Australia
Our big home is in Sydney,about 300 meters from Sydney University and 450 meters from the train station. The train ride is about 30 minutes to the CBD. Now we only have a small bedroom for a female student.
The cost is 260 per week,which includes all meals when at home and laundering(洗烫) of clothes.
I have a lovely single room for homestay (male,non­smokers only).The apartment is located across the road from a bus station. A sports field is only a two­minute walk away.
The room is for both short and long stays. The cost is 220 per week,including breakfast and lunch on weekdays. There is no washing machine at home. Do your own laundry in the apartment block’s facilities.
E­mail:ainsley gilkes@yahoo.com.au
I live in the northern suburbs of Sydney—quiet for studying and relaxing,yet close to Sydney University & NCELTR & SIBT. The subway station is nearby.
All facilities of the house including a living room with a TV can be used. Owners are very open and friendly,and treat students as part of the family.
The prices include all meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner) and cleaning. The fee is 300 per week.
Hi,everyone! I have one room for homestay (girl students only) in a house which is very close to Sydney University (SIBT) & WSU in the northern district of Sydney. There is a bus station across the road. Travel time to the centre of the city is 40 minutes by train. We only have one homestay at a time. Therefore,our family can take good care of you. The fee is 230 per week.
We are looking forward to having you in our home.
21.Four persons wrote these passages so as to .
A.look for suitable roommates B.search for homestay information
C.book a suitable room in Sydney D.advertise rooms for homestay
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