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China’s hot word, tuhao, may be in Oxford English Dictionary.
In Chinese, tu means rude and hao means rich. In recent years, people use this term to describe those who spend money in an unreasonable way. The word became more popular with Apple’s gold-colored iPhone, which is loved by China’s rich people. The color became known as “tuhao golden”. The word is now often used to refer to people who have money but lack taste.
There are two other Chinese hot words: dama and No Zuo No Die, which may also be taken in the dictionary. Dama, meaning middle-aged women, was first used in the Western media by the Wall Street Journal. Thousands of Chinese women were buying a large amount of gold when the gold price had gone down. Another phrase No Zuo No Die, meaning if you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back to bite you, is also very popular. Other words, such as Maotai, Chinglish and dim sum have also been included in the dictionary.
BBC World News recently made a special program called “Tuhao, let’s be friends!” “The frequent use of Chinglish by foreign media suggests that foreign people are looking more to the lifestyle and popular culture of China,” says Zhang Yiwu, professor of Beijing University.
What does this trend suggest about the Chinese language’s
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