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英 语
例:How much is the shirt
A. £ 19. 15. B. f 9. 18. C. £ 9. 15.
1. How does the woman feel about the movie
A. It’s exciting. B. It’s boring. C.It’s disappointing.
2. What does Jane mean
A. She is too old for the doll.
B. She likes her mother’s present.
C. Her father is right.
3. What does the woman think of the cost of staying in the hotel
A. It was low. B. It was reasonable. C. It was high.
4. What are the speakers mainly talking about
A. Their TV sets. B. Their children. C. Their watches.
5. What would the man like to do
A. Watch a football match.
B. Help train a basketball team.
C. Join the school volunteer project.
第二节(共15小题;每小题1. 5分,满分22.5分)
6. When will Linda take the exam again
A. This monen. B. This year. C. Next year.
7. What is the probable relationship between the speakers
A. Classmates. B. Mother and son. C. Doctor and patient.
8. How long is the speakers’ holiday
A. Two weeks. B. A week. C. A month.
9. What does the man advise the woman to do
A. Close her eyes and relax.
B. Talk to him.
C. Give up the holiday and work hard.
10. What is the man calling about
A. The bathroom in the hotel.
B. Some furniture sold in the market.
C. The apartment advertised in the paper.
11. How much rent is the apartment every month7
A. $ 15. B. $50. C. $500.
12. What will the man do this afternoon
A. Have a meeting.
B. Buy some chairs.
C. Go to have a look at the house.
13. Which country do the man and his wife choose for their holiday
A. Britain. B. Australia. C. Japan.
14. Why does the man’s wife refuse to travel by ship
A. She often gets seasick.
B. She has made many ship travels.
C. She feels dangerous about ships.
15. What does the woman suggest about the hotel
A. Choosing a cheap one.
B. Finding more information about it online.
C. Booking a high-star one.
16. What does the man want to see most while traveling
A. Man-made buildings.
B. The beauty of natural scenery.
C. His wife’s favorite attractions.
17. Who is the speech mainly for
A. Parents. B. Children. C. Shopkeepers.
18. What’s the first thing that needs to be considered for kids’ toys
A. The color. B. The price. C. The size.
19. Why parents should refuse to buy toys with small parts for their kids
A. They might be eaten by their kids.
B. They are not allowed by law.
C. They can’t fun_ction well.
20. Which one is an acceptable toy according to the speaker
A. A metal toy. B. A cloth toy. C. A glass toy.
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Paradise Island, Bahamas
Best for: Families and water babies
It’s one of the Atlantis resorts (旅游胜地)in the Caribbean* The Coral towers and Marina Village (an open-air shopping and dining market) are two reasons to visit this Caribbean popular travel destination. Don’t forget about Aqua venture, the world’s largest open-air water park. With the winter temperatures between 15°C and 24℃, it’s a perfect place to escape the cold.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Best for: Winter sports lovers
Salt Lake City is known as “Ski City”. It’s one of four best ski resorts in the USA. Salt Lake City welcomes winter sports lovers all around the world. In addition to wonderful skiing tracks, Utah Olympic Park offers an unforgettable experience.
Best for: Extreme Adventurers
Iceland in the winter is very beautiful. The temperatures there aren’t as low as you think. There’s no better time than winter to view the Northern Lights. Short winter days mean you’ll have an even greater chance to catch the magic. An increasing number of flights in and out of Reykjavik make it easier than ever to visit Iceland.
Orlando, Florida
Best for: Theme park lovers
Orlando is another destination for winter travel. The weather is fine in winter. With the largest Disney World in the world, Orlando must be a good place to travel.
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