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Here are some Chinatowns for those outside of China wishing to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Although it may not be as large or as long-built as others, having only become a center for the Chinese community during the 1950s, London’s Chinatown is perfectly formed little firework (烟花) that knows how to see in the year with a bang. Decorated (装饰) with red lanterns, previous years have seen shows with acrobatics, martial arts, dance and opera nearby.
San Francisco
San Francisco’s Chinatown is perhaps the most famous in the USA. The city was the main entry-point for Chinese who had crossed the Pacific to the USA during the early 19th century. Between the Grant Avenue and the Stockton Street, this historic area is a local treasure, attracting more visitors per year than the Golden Gate Bridge.
With an about 100-year-old history, the Thai capital’s Chinatown contains complex streets offering all kinds of tasty food, clothes, and toys. Sunday market days are such a good time to get the full atmosphere of the neighborhood. The area is also famous for its gold dealers, and there are lots of gold shops along the road.
Found in Port Louis, this Mauritian Chinatown shows the island nation’s rich multicultural diversity. Built in the early years of the 20th century by settlers from China, its tiny shops and restaurants serve locals and visitors. During the Chinese Spring Festival, the most exciting sight is the Dragon Dances on Rue Royale when Chinese musicians and dancers perform the traditional lion dances through the streets.
21. Which of the following has the longest history?
A. London’s Chinatown. B. San Francisco’s Chinatown.
C. Mauritius’s Chinatown. D. Bangkok’s Chinatown.
22. What’s special about Bangkok’s Chinatown?
A. It is crowded with Chinese restaurants. B. It is the major entrance for the Chinese.
C. It is well-known for its gold business. D. You can enjoy fireworks there.
23. If you want to enjoy the Dragon Dances, you can go to ________.
A. Rue Royale in Port Louis, Mauritius B. the Sunday market in Bangkok
C. the Grant Avenue in San Francisco D. the Chinese community in London
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