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Passage 1 A night that changed life
Tom and his band made their living by playing music on the street 1. from town to town. The band was not able to make much money, so some wanted to give up, however, Tom 2. that they should continue their 3. for those people who enjoyed their music. The whole band was 4. and they decided to perform at their 5. . But the winter came with strong wind and heavy snow. People on the street seemed to be on a rush and few stayed for their show. One cold night, very few people came as they 6. , but they were happy that some people did enjoy the show. When everybody 7. , a boy came and gave them a note with a business card , saying “a man left this for you.” The band were surprised to see the note because nobody had ever left any note for their performance before. They immediately read it. “You have performed beautifully tonight. Thanks a lot. Would you please come to my 8. tomorrow morning” The note was from a manager of a famous music company. Their life was changed from that night on.
Passage 2 Learning math
Mary was 14 years old. She studied in a middle school. She liked 9. and singing and spent a lot of time on them. But she hated math and even decided to give it up. His father was worried about it.
It was Sunday. Mary’s father gave a call to Mary’s aunt who 10. math
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