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21. ---Do you know how many gold ______China gained in the Beijing Olympic Games
--- 51.
A. coin B. prizes C. medals  D. rewards
22. Jack made a _______with his mother, “ Give me two yuan, and I will sweep the floor.”
A. answer B. bargain C. price D. reply
23. I happened to be downstairs _______when the doors was open.
A. on dusk B. at the dusk C. in dusk D. at dusk
24. –Have you bought the dictionary?
-No. I have _______two yuan on me.
A. more than B. more over C. over D. no more than
25. I greeted the teacher with “hello”,and the teacher gave me a sweet smile ________.
A.by turns B.in return C.in turn D.for return
26. When I came ______ with the teenager hidden in the cave, I was surprised to find him _____covered with dust.
A. face-to-face; entirely B. face to face; entire C. face to face; entirely D. in face of; completely
27. I’m so _____to the teacher who gave me lots of help.
A.available B.Essential C.qualified D.grateful
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