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第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)
第一节单项填空(共15小题; 每小题1分,满分35分)
21. It took over a decade for the economist’s far-sighted views to gain _______, but they have widespread support now.
A. currency B. certificate C. sympathy D. scholarship
22.The details of costs and prices are ______, as no one knows exactly what is included and what is not.
A. arbitrary B. authentic C. ambiguous D. artificial
23. ---I’d been standing there for several minutes before he _____ my presence.
---He must have been absorbed in his reading.
A. neglected B. maintained C. registered D. revealed
24. I had ______ wanted to rush outside and leave all the frustrating things behind but something told me I had to stay and face the music.
A. gracefully B. reluctantly C. essentially D. desperately
25. The expression add oil has enjoyed so much popularity in the past years, ______ was collected into the OED last month.
A. that B. which C. as D. when
26. According to Baidu, the high-quality content of Cloud Music will reach massive users _______ Baidu’s app and video platform.
A. in honor of B. in view of C. by virtue of D. by way of
27. The two men were ________ the heavey trunk for nearly ten minutes, trying to get it up the stairs.
A. toying with B. interfering with C. wrestling with D. conflicting with
28. Our tutor would listen to us reading our essays aloud, but rarely, ____, commented on them.
A. if ever B. if any C. if possible D. if anything
29. ---Do you know Melinda was dismissed for her casual attitude towards job
---No doubt I tried to be pleasant to her but she _______.
A. gave me the cold shoulder B. made my day C. cost me the earth D. pulled my leg
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