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My grandmother often said to me,"You can count the number of your true friends on the fingers of one hand." For a long time I thought this was true.However,I've now discovered my grandmother was only half right.Maybe we do only make a few best friends in our lifetime,but those aren't the only people that we can call friends.There are many different types.Let me tell you about a few of them.21*cnjy*com
One type of friends is the type I call the "football mom friend".My neighbor Sally is a good example.We both have kids who play football in a football club,and someone has to take them to practice and pick them up.Sally and I and two other mothers take turns to do this.We meet sometimes and have tea and talk about what our kids are doing, but those are the only times that we meet each other.I enjoy being with these women,but we don't do anything else together.
Another type is called the "hobby friend".That's the person you share an interest or a hobby with.Michael and Cater,who are brothers,are a good example of this type.We're all in a bird watching club.Every few weekends the members of the club go on a trip to watch different kinds of birds.There's nothing romantic about my relationship with Michael and Cater,of course.We just share interest in birds.
Then there's the "other half of the couple" type of friends.Jim is married to Rose,a friend that I've known since college.When Rose married Jim,I realized that I would have to
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