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第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)
21. Without proper lessons, you could ___________ a lot of bad habits when playing the piano.
A. pick off B. pick on C. pick out D. pick up
22. —In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well.
—I can’t agree more. It’s great to have the two ___________.
A. linked B. related C. connected D. combined
23. She has a gift for creating an atmosphere for her students, ___________ allows them to communicate freely with each other.
A. which B. where C. that D. who
24. At the end of the season, France tied ___________ Britain ___________ the second place.
A. with; in B. to; in C. with; for D. to; for
25. The question is very complicated—it’ll take you a while to ___________ it out.
A. work B. give C. run D. pull
26. Because of the fabulous environment, this area would ___________ an ideal place for a wedding reception.
A. make B. cause C. get D. turn
27. The policeman on duty radioed the station about the robbery, and then ___________ waiting for orders.
A. stood up B. stood out C. stood by D. stood for
28. I ___________ you not to move my dictionary—now I can’t find
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