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Our clubs have lots of weekend activities, come and join us! Find an interesting thing for yourselves!
Hiking Time
Let’s go hiking. We will go to Huang Shan this week and make it an all-day affair. Join our Hiking team, and enjoy your hiking time.
Sat. 7:00 pm.
Tel: 6596128.
Riding Time Ride your own. Join us! At 8:00am on Sunday. Take water and don’t forget to wear a helmet (头盔). We also welcome kids.
Tel: 6596172
New Weekend Craft (手工艺) Do you want to make your old clothes nice again Come on! Join us! Bring your clothes, and we will teach you how to make them beautiful again. We will wait for you on Saturday.
E-mail: niceweekend@163.com
Picnic Time Join us and go to the central park on Sunday. Bring your food and games for a day of fun. Play Frisbee (飞盘), soccer, or take a short hike. You might be able to swim or fish or rent a paddle (浆) boat.
E-mail: gogopicnic@yaho.com
Tel: 6593173
Join Us! Have Fun!
21.If you want to hike, you can call ________.
A. 6596172 B. 6596128 C. 6593173 D. 6592218
22.Bob want to go biking, wearing a _______ is necessary.
A. dress B. glasses C. shirt D. helmet
23.Mary will send an e-mail to New Weekend Craft because she wants to________.
A. ride a bicycle B. go hiking
C. have a picnic D. make her dress nice again
24.If you join the picnic club,
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