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From young kids to fitness lovers, to those looking for a laugh, or to families looking for a free movie night, Atlantic Station prepares some days for you to enjoy this year.
Tot Spot-Each Tuesday morning, Atlantic Station’s Central Park transforms into every child’s dream playground! From 10:00 am to noon, kids can enjoy games, storytelling, toys, music and some very special things. This event begins on April 5 and lasts through September27.
Wellness Wednesday-Each Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Atlantic Station’s Central Park becomes the perfect place to find quietness of the mind and body while instructors lead guests through exercises including yoga and more. Wellness Wednesday welcomes all ages and skill levels. This event begins on April 6 and lasts through September 28.
Improve in the Park -Whole World Improve Theatre, Atlanta’s premier improve group, has once again partnered with Atlantic Station to bring a family friendly night of comedy to Central Park on the first Wednesday of each month through September. Bring a blanket, relax under the stars and prepare to laugh until it hurts! The hour-long show begins at 8:00 pm. This event occurs on April 5, May 4, June l, July 6 and August 3.
Movies in Central Park-Ea
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