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Life in space will certainly take some getting used to! But the space station has been designedto keep the astronauts as comfortable as possible—the modules(舱) are roomy,bright,and kept at a constant 21°C. It’s important the crew members are comfortable because they’ll be busy aboard the station. In a typical workday,crew members will spend 14 hours working and exercising, 1.5 hours preparing and eating meals,and 8.5 hours sleeping. Here are some other fun facts about life aboard the station:
Food Come mealtime, astronauts will have a special dining kitchen. Space food just keeps getting better—and more like food we enjoy here on Earth. In early space missions, astronauts could eat only freeze-dried food that didn’t require any preparation. But the space station is equipped with water, microwave ovens, and refrigerators, allowing the folks on board to eat more “normal” types of food, including fruit, vegetables, and ice cream!
Sleep Each crew member has a private room. With no gravity, they’ll need to tie themselves to their beds, or they will float away!That might sound like a strange way to sleep, but astronauts from past space missions report that sleeping in space is actually pretty great!
Exercise You might not think it, but exercise is even more important on t
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