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二、阅读理解(每题 2 分)
Europe has a rich history and it is a good place to journey.
Paris, the heaven of fashion, culture and entertainment, is the most visited city in the world. It is also held as a numerous tourist destination due to the presence of the Eiffel Tower and several other historic buildings, museums and churches.
A talk about Europe is incomplete without a mention of Rome. Held as a place where one of the oldest civilizations of the world prospered(繁荣), Rome is where you’d get to see numerous castles, palaces, ancient buildings, fountains, squares and beautiful parks. Several tourists come here especially to have a look at the Renaissance architecture that the buildings of this city boast.
Barcelona, a major city in Spain, is regarded among the 10 best beach cities in the world. The city’s coastline has clear waters and a mild climate which makes it a favorite destination among sunbathers. Besides that, Barcelona has a glorious past to show off. You must wander through its busy streets and take a look at the historic buildings, castles, churches, parks and museums.
If you are a music lover and a steady devotee of Beethoven or Mozart, then a visit to Vienna is like going on a pilgrimage(朝圣). This is because Vienna is the birthplace of these artists. You’d find their houses there and also find their memorial graves. Besides that, Vienna is known for castles, palaces, museums and historic monuments. If you are a devoted art lover, Vienna is the place for you. It has nearly a hundred museums devoted to art!
Which place has the most tourists in the world according to the passage
Vienna. B. Barcelona. C. Rome. D. Paris.
In Rome and Barcelona you can enjoy .
the birthplace of artists B. Castles C. fountains D.the Eiffel Tower
What is the passage mainly about
Some ancient architecture in Europe.
Some best places people can visit in Europe.
Some best attractions people can enjoy in Paris.
Some famous musicians and their famous works.
Sunny days in Seattle are quite rare. I’d planned to spend my weekend in the sun, potting flowers outdoors. But that was before the pair of crows(乌鸦)arrived. Out of nowhere, they had set up their base camp in our backyard.
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