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1. I went to Beijing by plane last year.
2. Tony’s favourite sport is volleyball.
3. I can see a sheep in the picture.
4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
第二节 情景反应。听句子,选择恰当的答语。每个句子读两遍。
5. Can you ride a bike
6. What size do you take
7. Have you ever been to the Great Wall
8. What’s your father
9. How do you spell your name, Kate
10. Why not write down our mistakes in our notebooks
第三节 对话理解。听五组短对话和五个问题,选择正确的答案。每组对话读两遍。
11. W: Are you watching TV now, Tony
M: No, I’m not. I’m reading a book.
Q: What’s Tony doing now
12. W: What day is it today, Tom
M: It’s the ninth of September.
Q: What day is it tomorrow
13. W: Give me two pairs of gloves, and how much are they
M: Five dollars each.
W: OK! I’ll take them.
Q: How much will the woman pay for the gloves
14. W: Do you know where Mr Smith used to work
M: Oh, he used to work in three countries. He worked first in India from 1985 to 1990, next in Australia from 1991 to 2008, and then in Canada from 2009 to 2018.
Q: Where did Mr Smith work in 2001
15. W: I went to the Three Gorges Dam yesterday.
M: Really It was raining yesterday morning, wasn’t it
W: Yes, that’s right. But when we arrived there at half past one in the afternoon, it was cloudy and half an hour later it became sunny.
Q: What was the weather like at the Three Gorges Dam at 1:40 pm yesterday
I have just got a letter from my friend, Peter. He works in the USA as a doctor. He has lived there for five years. He is working for a big hospital and he has already visited many different places in the USA, for example, Los Angeles and New York. He said he had met many famous movie stars there. He has just bought a new car and decides to drive to the Great Lakes, wonderful places between the USA and Canada. Peter has taken lots of photos while travelling. He will show them to me on the Internet. I have never been to the USA, so I’ll be very glad to enjoy his photos.
一、1---5 BDCAA 6---10 CABBC 11---15 ACBBC 16---20 BACBC
二、21---25 BCAAB 26---30 CACBC
三、31---35 BABCA 36---40 BCACB
四、41---45 ABAAB 46---50 ABCAC 51---55 FGADC
五、56---60 DAFCB
六、61. war 62. neighbour 63. technology 64. kangaroo 65. habit
66. her 67. monkeys 68. worried 69. understood 70. carefully
七、71. Norman Bethune is my hero.
72. Is there a garden at the back of the building
73. I bought my mother some presents yesterday./Yesterday I bought my mother some presents.
74. Do you divide rubbish into things to recycle and things to throw away
75. The invention of printing made it possible for more people to read books.
Our dear parents love us more than anybody else in the world. As their children, how should we care for them
They have tried to offer the best life and education to us, so they are very tired. To keep healthy, they should do more exercise. They should also eat healthy food.
Learning to care for our parents is what we should do. First, we should respect them and communicate with them. Second, we should help them do housework as much as possible. Third, we should study hard.
We had better take good care of ourselves and try not to make our parents worry about us.
第一档(14-15分) 所写内容包括表格内所提供的所有信息,虽有少许错误,但语句通顺,表达流畅,卷面整洁,数字达到要求。
第二档(11-13分) 能写出大部分内容要点,有部分语法错误,但语句基本通顺,表达基本清楚,词数基本达到要求。
第三档(6-10分) 能写出部分内容要点,表达虽不连贯,但能看出基本意思。
第四档(1-5分) 能写出少量与主题相关的单词或短语,看不出完整句子。
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