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一、第一部分 听力(20分)听句子,选择与所听句子意思相近的选项.每个句子读一遍.(5分)
1.(1分)A.Either Jane or I like coffee.
B.Neither Jane nor I like coffee.
C.Both Jane and I like coffee.
2.(1分)A.Would you leave a message?
B.Could you tell me where you live now?
C.Would you help me to find the address?
3.(1分)A.He spent two hours reading a book yesterday.
B.It took him two hours to look for a bookstore yesterday.
C.He spent two hours looking for a book yesterday.
4.(1分)A.I like coffee,but I don’t like milk.
B.I like milk,but I don’t like coffee.
C.I like coffee better than milk.
5.(1分)A.The plane will leave the airport in half an hour.
B.The plane has been at the airport for half an hour.
C.The plane will reach the airport in thirty minutes.
(1)    (2)    (3)    (4)    (5)   
7.(2分)(1)The moon looks very    tonight.
A.far away
(2)    can be found on the moon.
A.Living things
B.Rocks and mountains
C.Air and water
8.(3分)(1)What’s Lily’s good luck?   
A.She saw an alien with her own eyes.
B.She watched a movie on aliens.
C.She read a book on science.
(2)Lily was late for class because she   .
A.had a bad dream
B.was caught by aliens
C.got up late
(3)Lily was punished to   .
A.write a passage
B.clean her house
C.finish the exercise on aliens
9.(5分)(1)What did they paint?
A.The front of the house.
B.The back of the house.
C.The outside of the house.
(2)Why did they do the painting themselves?
A.They wanted to spend less money.
B.The house is very easy to paint.
C.No one else could do the work well.
(3)How long did the work last?
A.One day.
B.Two days.
C.Three days.
(4)How many windows did they have to mend?
A.Seven windows.
B.Three windows.
C.All the windows.
(5)What will they do if the windows need to be painted next time?
A.They will spend more money to do that.
B.They will ask someone else to do it.
C.They will do that themselves.
10.(1分)﹣﹣﹣ Let’s chat online.
﹣﹣﹣ ______(  )
A.Not at all B.Thank you C.Good idea D.Good luck
11.(1分)﹣This physics problem is too difficult.Can you show me ________,Wang Lin?
﹣Sure.(  )
A.what to work it out B.what to work out it
C.how to work it out D.how to work out it
12.(1分)﹣Don’t throw about your newspaper!
﹣Sorry, I’m busy now. They will _____ later.(  )
A.collect B.be collect
C.be collected D.collected
13.(1分)There are sixty teachers in our school._____ of them women.(  )
A.Two third is B.Two threes is
C.Two thirds are D.Second three
14.(1分)The winter holiday will begin soon. John _____ to stay with us.(  )
A.will be coming B.comes
C.came D.is coming
15.(1分)Don’t give up _____ you will never succeed.(  )
A.and B.but C.while D.or
16.(1分)﹣﹣﹣Do you like rock music or light music?
﹣﹣﹣ _______. I like Beijing Opera.(  )
A.Either B.None C.Both D.Neither
17.(1分)Not only his parents but also his brother to the Summer Palace. They haven’t been back. (  )
A.have gone B.has been C.has gone
18.(1分)______bad the weather is outside ! please put on your coat.(  )
A.What B.How C.What a D.How a
19.I _____ this book for two weeks. I have learned a lot from it. (  )
A.have B.have had
C.buy D.have bought
20.(15分)When you were young, who played basketball and flew kites with you in the park? Who helped you(1)   your first difficult math problem? Who taught you the difference between(2)    ? Your dad. Now it is your turn to do something for him. This Sunday, June 18, is(3)   Day. So why not do something (4)   to thank your dad?
The idea of Father’s Day came from a(n)(5)   lady called Judy in 1909. She wanted a special day to honor(纪念) her father. He raised(抚养) six children by himself(6)   his wife died during the birth of their(7)    child. Judy thought there needed to be a day to honor great and loving dads. Her father was born(8)   so she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebration on his birthday in 1910. In 1924, US president Calvin Coolidge(9)   the idea of a national Father’s Day. Finally, in 1966, the third Sunday in June was made Father’s Day.
There are many ways to(10)    your love and thanks. Send(11)   a greeting card. Usually fathers prefer cards that are not too emotional(感性的). So perhaps choose one that will make him(12)   . A small present, such as a photo of your family, (13)   make him feel like a king. Send him(14)    : the red rose is the official Father’s Day flower. If he has a(15)    , cover his desktop with words like "I love you. Dad."
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