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(Modules 1~12)
Ⅱ. 单项选择(10分)
21. (2017·滨州中考)—Kate, are you _______only child in your family
—Yes, but _______new baby is on the way. (  )
A. the; a  B. an; the
C. a; the  D. the; the
22. (2017·十堰中考)Miss Zhang teaches _______English. She is very strict. (  )
A. our  B. we  C. us  D. ours
23. (2017·南通中考)When I walked _______the south side of the square, I happened to meet our English teacher. (  )
A. across  B. around  C. through  D. along
24. —Youth taken by Feng Xiaogang won the hearts of the young and the old.
—That’s true. _______my mother _______my grandmother likes seeing it. (  )
A. Either; or     B. Not only; but also
C. Both; and     D. Neither; nor
25. (2017·襄阳中考)—Great! Our women’s volleyball team _______the gold medal in Rio Olympic Games on Saturday.
—Yes. We see the great spirit of Chinese women’s volleyball team once again.
(  )
A. won  B. beat  C. lost  D. missed
26. —“Food Safety” problem is becoming worse and worse these days.
—I think so. The government must do something to_______ it. (  )
A. take care B. deal with
C. take care of D. suffer from
27. —I was about to leave home _______it started to rain this morning.
— I think it is just timely (及时的) rain. The weather report says the rain won’t stop _______tomorrow evening. (  )
A. when; since B. while; until
C. when; until D. while; since
28. Li Ming is in poor health. He should pay more attention _______exercise.
(  )
A. to take B. to taking
C. for taking D. in taking
29. A lot of water _______in Shanghai every year. It’s a big problem. (  )
A. wastes B. is wasted
C. have been wasted D. is wasting
30. —Don’t throw paper on the floor.
—_______(  )
A. Good idea. B. Sorry, I won’t.
C. Cheers! D. No way!
Ⅲ. 完形填空(10分)
  A big company wanted to find someone to work for them. Lots of young college students came to ask for the  31 ( ) . And this time, the company didn’t plan to choose the right personal as usual.
  Here came the day when they took the final interview. A big box full of papers was placed on the way to the interview room, and a few  32 ( )  were lying around the box.
  The  33 ( )  student came. He hurried along the way to take interview. “  34 ( )  put this box in the middle of the road”the student said to himself, but he did not try to move the box away.
  The second student came along and did the  35 ( )  thing. Then another came, and another. All of them complained(抱怨)about the box,  36 ( )  none of them tried to move it.
  Half an hour later, a thin young man with glasses came. He saw the box and papers around it. Without thinking twice, he stopped and began to pick up the papers and put  37 ( )  into the box. Then he moved the box to the side.  38 ( )  his great surprise, he  39 ( )  an invitation under the box. It said, “Congratulations! You are the  40 ( )  person we are looking for! Would you like to join us”
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