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从每小题所给的A, B, C, D四个选项中选出一个最佳选项,把其编号填入答题卷相对应
26.-Have you seen film Youth, Mum
-Yes. It’s quite interesting work by Feng Xiaogang so I have seen it twice.
A. a; a B. the; an C. a; an D. the; a
27. Though Tom’s face was washed quite clean, his neck still remains grubby. What does "grubby"
A. clean B. tidy C. clear D. dirty
28.-Charlie, I have never been to France before. It is said that its capital is a romantic city.
- ,but I plan to go there during the winter vacation.
A. So have I B. Neither have I C. Nor do I D. So do I
29. Our headteacher often warns us not to get off the bus it fully stops.
A. until B. while C. since D. after
30.-Can you tell me how many colours in a rainbow
A. there are B. are there C. they are D. /
31. Mother has had my computer . Now I can surf the Internet.
A. repair B. repaired C. repairing D. repairs
32. It was little sheep we decided not to kill it for its meat.
A. such; that B. such a; that C. so a; that D. so; that
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