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Information Card

11. ,I’m too shy to speak in the classroom.
To make more friends and play12. in her free time.

Secondly, I 13. with the best friend.
To 14. with her.

I can’t 15. well.
To eat some healthy food and to relax .

第一节 完形填空。(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
A little monkey and a little fox were friends. One day, they went out to play near a river, They saw a(n) 16 tree on the other side of the river. There were many big and red apples. But there was no bridge 17 the river. The monkey and the fox thought hard and finally they had an idea. They pulled down (拉倒) a small tree and put it over the river as a bridge. ??? The monkey said,“My dear friend,you go first.” 18 after the fox went to the other side, he kicked (踢) the tree into the river and ran to the apple tree.“How can 19 ?get there without the tree”shouted the monkey. The fox laughed and said.“You just stand there and watch me eating the apples.”The monkey was very 20 . ???? “You can 21all the apples. But you can’t come back,”shouted the monkey. ?Finally, the fox realized he was 22 :He shouldn’t have only cared about himself!
(? ? )16.A.pear B.apple C.banana
(? ? )17.A.by B.in C.over
(? ? )18.A.But B.And C.Or
(? ? )19.A.I B.you C.she
(? ? )20.A.afraid B.anger C.happy
(? ? )21.A.pick B.play C.eat
(? ? )22.A.wrong B.happy C.right
The panda is the treasure (珍宝) of our country. Then how about its droppings (粪便) They are treasure, too. How
??? The panda keeper provides an adult panda with about 25 kilos of bamboo every day. Of that, the panda will eat about 11 kilos — the most 23 parts. Its droppings includes much of undigested (未消化的) bamboo. Someone 24 in turning it into toilet paper.
??? “In my opinion, it’s a great 25 ,”a panda keeper says. “In the past, we just threw away the droppings 26 rubbish. But now workers come and take the droppings away. They use the droppings to make 27 . They also make notebooks and bookmarks. ”
??? 28,the paper doesn’t sell well at the Panda Base. It is not popular with 29 . Most of them won’t buy it after they visit the Panda Base. “A box of tissues (纸巾) is 43 yuan,” they said. “That’s quite 30 . ” If you see the tissues at the Panda Base, will you buy them
(? ? )23.A.delicious B.bad C.better
(? ? )24.A.successful B.succeeds C.success
(? ? )25.A.failure B.end C.achievement
(? ? )26.A.such as B.like C.for example
(? ? )27.A.bamboo B.paper C.rubbish
(? ? )28.A.And B.Also C.However
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