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( )21.-- --I have a bad cold.
A.What are you doing B.How are you C.What’s the matter
( )22. Mrs.Zhang, we could get to school on time.
A.Thanks for B.Thanks to C.Thanks you for
( )23.We put off the sports meeting the weather was so bad.
A.though B.because C.unless
( )24.She practiced for the dance competition ,but she never feels .
A.lonely; alone B.alone; lonely C.lonely; lonely
( )25.We told him home today.
A.not go B.not to go C.to not go
( )26.--Shall we go camping tomorrow ---Well,it the weather.
A.happens to B.puts on C.depends on
( )27.You look too tired.Why not a rest
A.stop to have B.to stop having C.stop having
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