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14.There is tall man in front of the zoo gate.(  )
A.a B.an C.the D./
15.﹣Here’s a box of chocolate on the table, Dad! For me?
﹣Yes, it’ s . Happy Children’s Day!(  )
A.hers B.his C.yours D.theirs
16.﹣Could I go to play with Tom now, Mum?
﹣I’m afraid you . I saw him go out with his parents just now.(  )
A.could B.couldn’t C.can D.can’t
17.﹣Excuse me, Sir. But smoking is not allowed here.
﹣I’ m sorry. I’ll my cigarette(香烟)at once.(  )
A.put out B.come out C.work out D.give out
18.﹣ good day! We got Thomas Cup again after 6years.
﹣It’s really exciting! Shi Yuqi is my favorite badminton player. He won 6games.(  )
A.What B.What a C.How D.How a
19.(1分)﹣Excuse me, what time does the next train to Shanghai leave?
﹣Just a minute.I it for you.(  )
A.check B.checked
C.will check D.have checked
20.(1分)We like Jenny she is kind and helpful.(  )
A.and B.but C.because D.so
21.(1分)Helen is new here, so we know about her.(  )
A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything
22.(1分)My brother learned to swim all by himself. That is to say, nobody told him .(  )
A.what to do B.where to do
C.when to do D.how to do
23.(1分)﹣Nice picture! You really have a good in art. Where did you get it?
﹣From an artist!(  )
A.look B.smell C.taste D.touch
24.(1分)When I was walking past his room yesterday evening, I heard him the piano.(  )
A.play B.plays C.played D.playing
25.(1分)﹣How can I learn my English well?
﹣Find a person to practice English .(  )
A.on B.with C.to D.for
26.(1分)﹣ is the old man over there?
﹣My grandfather.(  )
A.Which B.What C.Who D.Whose
27.(1分)There are floors in this building and Mr. Wu’s office is on the floor.(  )
A.twelve; fourth B.twelfth; four
C.twelfth; fourth D.twelve; four
28.(1分)﹣May I speak to Mrs Smith, please?
﹣ (  )
A.I am speaking. B.Do you know her?
C.Hold on, please D.Who are you?
29.(10分)Let me tell you about the best day of my life!I got up early and ran to the kitchen in my pyjamas(睡衣).It was my thirteenth birthday and I was really(1)   .In fact,I wasn’t sleeping all night because I kept(2)   all the presents I would get.
I walked into the kitchen with a big smile on my face,(3)   nobody looked up.Mum and Dad were reading their newspapers while my two older brothers were eating breakfast.(4)   said a word!"They have forgotten about my birthday!"I said to myself.I turned around and walked out of the(5)   .Suddenly,I heard a noise,so I went back to(6)   what it was.I couldn’t believe my eyes!
There were lots of (7)   on the kitchen table."Surprise!"I heard(8)   me.When I turned around,I saw Mum,Dad and my brothers!Mum was holding a huge(9)   with candles and they were singing"Happy Birthday"to me.We shared the cake and opened all the presents.
They didn’t(10)   my birthday after all.It really was the best day of my life!
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