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七年级英语 2018.06
(试卷总分:140 分,考试时间:110 分钟)
二、单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分)
在下列各题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选择一个能填入题干空白处的答案。
21. --How wonderfully Lily plays violin!
-- Yes. And she is only 8-year-old girl.
A. / ; a B. the; the C. the; an D. an; the
22. --We will go to the Wushan Square this afternoon. Why not take a bus
--We take a bus. It’s only one kilometer or more.
A. can’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. may not
23. After the students their exams, they celebrated by having a party.
A. passed B. failed C. joined D. gave
24. You look so tired. Why not a rest
A. to stop to have B. to stop having C. stop to have D. stop having
25. “Oh, how interesting the book is!” Andy to himself.
A. said B. talked C. told D. spoke
26. --Look! What’s on the ground -- Oh, it is my sweater. Please .
A. pick it up B. give it out C. pick up it D. give out it
27.Oh, my god! The kids are making too much here. I do anything. A. noise; mustn’t B. noise; can’t C. noises; can’t D. noises; needn’t
28. How did the girl the fire and help Mr. Sun out
A. put on B. put off C. put out D. put up
29. --Remember to my daughter’s dance show next Friday
--Of course I will. I’ll never forget her dance for the first time last year.
A. to come, to see B. coming, to see C. to come, seeing D. coming, seeing
30. Goldfish don’t know to them seven seconds ago.
A. what happened B. what is happening C. what happens D. what would happen
31. --The cakes are so delicious. Can I have one more
--Sorry, there is left. What about fruit
A. none; some B. nothing; some C. nothing; any D. none; any
32. --Do you know any amazing things, Daniel
--Yes. I heard many amazing things from my grandmother.
A. in B. of C. from D. at
33. --Why did you run away when you saw the tiger
--Because it looked at me with its mouth open .
A. quickly; widely B. quickly; wide C. quick; wide D. quick; widely
34. Lily a bad cold yesterday. Now she is ill _ hospital.
A. catches, in the B. gets, in the C. caught, in D. catches, in
35. --Shall we go skating now -- .
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