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Shirley Temple, the greatest American child star, died __16__ February 10th, 2014 at the __17__ of 86. She was a lovely little girl with blonde __18__ hair. And also she was a good __19__. When she __20__ three, Shirley began to make movies and soon became a famous movie star. When she was six years old, she __21__ some popular movies. In 1936, she made $500,000 that year. People called __22__-Little Miss Miracle. From 1930 to 1939, life was __23__ in the USA. Many people didn’t have jobs, __24__ lots of poor people paid money to go to the cinema to __25__ Shirley Temple. People felt happy __26__ she sang and danced. Mothers wanted their __27__ to have curly hair like Shirley Temple. Little girls played with Shirley Temple dolls. Ev erybody __28__ little Shirley. People sent her gifts. She was such a popular child that she got 1,000 cakes on her __29__ birthday. She got 5,000 letters from her fans a week. Even now, people are __30__ watching her movies.
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