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21. There is __________ old hotel beside the street.
A. a B. the C. an D. /
22. The cat is very__________.We don’t like her.
A. beautiful B.lazy C. smart D. cute
23. —Why do you like the book Father and Son
—__________ it’s very interesting.
A. Because B. So C. But D. And
24. —__________ rice would you like
—Large, please.
A. What kind of B. What size bowl of C. What size of D. What
25. Wang Ting studies in America and__________her parents very much.
A. likes B. misses C. knows D. sees
26. ---Excuse me, can you tell me how Fuzhou No.1 Middle School
---Go along the street and you will see it.
A. I can get to B. can I get C. can I get to D. I can get
27 -I’m hungry.
-Me, too. let’s look for a__________to eat some food.
A. library B. bank C. restaurant D. post office
28. --- do you usually go to school
---By bike.
A. How often B. What time C. How D. When
29. -I’m hungry. May I have something to eat
-OK, Here are many__________.
A. mutton B. beef C. meat D. eggs
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