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Many parents want their children to be famous one day. But do children have the same __16__? A new __17__, Hi, Ke’ai, is on at Beijing, Children’s Art Theater(剧院). It tells the story of a boy called Ke’ai. His parents would like him to become a painter or a __18__ one day. So they teach him to __19__ and to play the violin, but Ke’ai doesn’t enjoy these activities. Then one day Ke’ai’s parents see Mo Yan win an award(奖) for his works, and they want him to be a writer, too.
“__20__ do they want me to be someone else?” Ke’ai asks and says, “I __21__ want to be myself.”
The play(话剧) shows us that it is __22__ for parents to learn to understand their children. It helps parents to __23__ what kids really want to be in the future.
Young audiences(观众) enjoy the story, and also the __24__ in the play. There are two songs in the play. One of them, Ke’ai’s Song, is very easy to learn, so the audiences can sing the song on their way home __25__ the play!
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