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Hello, my name is Xu Jie. Do you know _1___? I’m from Taiwan. I am 13 years old now. My English name is Jeff. So you can __2__ me Jeff.
I 3___ Chinese and I can speak Chinese. I can also speak English very well. I think English is very 4______. Now it is important 5_______ English.
Can you sing? I like 6____ very much. And I would like 7_____ a super singer. Do you like Zhang Shaohan? I like her songs very much. I can sing her songs very 8____. And I also like Li Yuchun. I can sing many of her songs. 9____ of them are famous singers. Would you like to be my friends? I can sing 10_____ beautiful songs for you.
1. A. him B. her C. me D. them
2. A. call B. make C. know D. let
3. A. are B. am C. has D. is
4. A. healthy B. useful C. well D. boring
5. A. learning B. to learn C. learned D. learn
6. A. swimming B. dancing C. singing D. fishing
7. A. to be B. have C. to have D. be
8. A. good B. well C. nice D. badly
9. A. All B. Both C. Either D. Neither
10. A. much B. many C. any D. little
1—5:__________________ 6-10:________________________
There is a man and he calls the police when he loses a pet. He always_________(A) (ask) the police to help him look for it.
“I lost my pet bird,” he tells the police one day. “She can si
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