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2019---2020学年度第一学期期末质量检测 七年级英语参考答案 Ⅰ. 听对话,选答案。(共10小题,计10分) 1——5 B C A B B 6——10 C B A C A Ⅱ. 听短文,选答案。本题共5个小题,每题2分,满分10分。 11——15. B A B C C Ⅲ.完形填空(共20小题,计20分) 16---20 A C C B C 21---25 D A B C B 26—30 D B A CA 31—35 A C A B D Ⅳ.阅读理解(共10小题,计15分) 第一节(共5小题,计5分) 36---40 B A A B B 第二节(共5小题,计10分) 41---45 B D C A D Ⅴ.完成下列句子(共5小题,计10分) 46. have a good time/ have fun 47. model plane 48. twelfth 49. On Saturday 50. to do/play sports; to do/ take exercise Ⅵ. 短文填空(共10小题,计10分) 51. Chinese 52. years 53. studies 54. school 55.are 56. difficult 57. well 58. play 59. tomatoes 60. them Ⅶ. 任务型阅读共5小题,计10分) 61. wants to buy some food (for dinner) 62. mother 63. blue jackets, black pants 64. easy 65. clever/ smart Ⅷ. 补全对话。(共5小题,计5分) 66. Do you have a soccer ball 67. Does he (often) play soccer / Does he like playing / to play soccer 68. Do you like (playing) ping-pong/it 69. What sport(s) do you like 70. Sounds good/ great / That sounds good/ great That’s a good idea / Good idea Ⅸ.书面表达。满分10分。 1. 短文应紧扣题意,符合逻辑,用词造句符合英文表达习惯,书写规范,卷面整洁。 2. 标点符号、大小写、单词拼写错误的,每两个扣0.5分,少于两个不扣分;语法错误每处扣0.5分。 3. 词数少于60词的,视具体情况扣分。 分5个档次: 第一档 (9 --10分) 短文内容涵盖所有要点,意思连贯,符合逻辑,无语法错误。 第二档 (7 -- 8分) 短文内容涵盖大部分要点,意思表达基本连贯,符合逻辑,但有些语法错误。 第三档 (5 -- 6分) 短文内容涵盖大部分要点,但意思表达不够连贯,有较多的语法错误。 第四档(3 -- 4分) 短文内容只涵盖部分要点,写出2--4个句子,但意思表达不 连贯,有较多的语法错误。 第五档 (1 -- 2分) 只写出1--2个句子酌情给分,只写出个别单词,不给分。 My mother is a middle school teacher, and she is very busy. Every day, she gets up at 6:30 am. After breakfast, she rides a bike to school. My father is a worker in a factory. He usually gets up at 7:00 in the morning because the factory is near our home. I am a middle school student, and I often get up at 7:30 am. I go to school by bus. We don’t have lunch at home. Usually at 5:00 pm, my mother and I get home. My father usually gets home at around 6:00 pm. Then we have dinner together. 附听力原文: Ⅰ:听对话,选答案。 第一节:听下面5段对话,每段对话后有一个问题,读两遍,请根据每段对话的内容和后面的问题,从所给的三个选项中选出最恰当的一项。 1. M: Alice, is this your ruler? W: No, it isn’t. Q: Is this Alice’s ruler? 2. W: I like hamburgers for breakfast. How about you, Jack? M: I like bananas and chicken. Q: What does the girl like? 3. W: When is your birthday, Tom? M:My birthday is on May 2nd. Q: When is Tom’s birthday? 4. W: Does Mike like art? M: No, he doesn’t. But he likes math and English very much. Q: What doesn’t Mike like? 5. W: Where’s my ball? M: Is it on the bed? W: Oh no, it’s under the bed. Q: Where is the ball? 第二节:听下面两段对话,每段对话后有几道小题,请根据每段对话的内容和后面的问题,从所给的三个选项中选出最恰当的一项。每段对话读两遍。 听第6段对话,回答6-7 小题。 M: Can I help you? W: Yes, please. I need a sweater. How much is the yellow one? M: It’s only 15 dollars. And the red one is 10 dollars. W: Great. I’ll take the red one. 听第7段对话,回答8-10 小题。 M: Nice to meet you. W: Nice to meet you, too. Is she Cindy? M: No, she isn’t. Her name is Jane W: What’s this? M: It’s a hat. It’s her hat. W: What color is it? M: It’s orange. Ⅱ:听短文,选答案。 本题你将听到一篇短文,读两遍,请从每个小题的三个选项中,选出最恰当的一项。 There is a lost and found box in our school. Some things are in it. This is a schoolbag. What color is it? It's brown. That is an eraser. Is it yours? And what's that? It is a white watch. Oh, I found two keys. I found them in the playground. That phone is Mingming's. This baseball is his, too. Three books, two dictionaries and some nice pens are also in the box, Who lost them? I don’t know. 2019-2020学年度第一学期期末质量检测 Ⅱ.听短文,选答案。(共5小题,计10分) 七年级英语试卷 本题你将听到一篇短文,读两遍,请从每个小题的三个选项中,选出最恰当 注意事项 11. What is in our school? 1.本试卷分第一部分(选择题)和第二部分(非选择题)两部分,共100分。 B. a lost and found box C. a schoolbag 考试时间100分钟。 12. What color is the watch? 2.请将各题答案涂写在答题卡上。 A. Whi B Brown C. Blue 13. How many keys in the box? 第一部分(选择题共55分) B. two C. three 听力部分 14. Mingming lost I.听对话,选答案。(共10小题,计10分) A a phone B. a baseball C a phone and a baseball 第一节:听下面5段对话,毎段对话后有一个问题,读两過,请根据毎段对 Who lost these things? 话的内容和后面的问题,从所给的三个选项中选出最恰当的一项。(5分) A Lily B Mingming C. We don t know C. No. it is 2. A. Bananas and chicken B Chicken hamburgers C Hamburgers 笔试部分 3. A. On May 2n B. On January 5L C. On june 3rd B. Art C. Math Ⅲ完形填空(共20小题,计20分) 5.A. It's a ball B. It's under the bed. C. It's on the bed 第一节:阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性质和上下文连贯的要求,从 製 第二节:听下面两段对话,毎段对话后冇几道小题,请根据每段对话的内容和 毎个小题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答策,使短文连贯完整。 后面的问题,从所给的三个选项中选出最恰当的一项。每段对话读两遍。(5分) The supermarket(rfi )has much 16. The apples are red. my grandmother 听第6段对话,回答6至7小题 likes apples very much. She thinks it is healthy 17 eat 18 apple every day. The 6. what does the woman want? bananas are yellow. My mother always buys them 19 my sister doesnt like them A.AT-shirt B. A skirt C.A sweater For breakfast. I 2 d and milk. I have breakfast every day because I want to be 7. How much is the yellow sweater? 21. The vegetables are very nice, too. There 22 carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and A. 10 dollars B. 15 dollars C. 20 dollars so on.23 mother likes eating potatoes. My father 24 to eat some carrots. Carrots 听第7段对话,回答8至10小题。 are 25 favorite vegetable. So he's very healthy 8. What's the girls name? 16. A. food B. food C. fruit D. fruits A Jar C. Gina 9. what 's this? 18.A.a B. the A. It's a pen B. It's an eraser C. It's a hat 19.A. because B. but D. and 10. What color is it? 20.A eat B. eats C. have A. It's orange B. It's red C. It's green 21. A. health B. fat C. right D healthy 七年级英语试题第1页共6页 七年级英语试题第2页共6页
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