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(  )31.________ Lucy and Lily got any new books
A. Have B. Has C. Do
(  )32.Sally is ________ American girl.
A.a B. an C. the
(  )33.How many ________ are there in the picture
A. childs B. women C. meats
(  )34.It’s very nice ________ meet you.
A. to B. for C. of
(  )35.Is the blue cup yours ________ mine
A. and B. but C. or
(  )36.Daming always ________his mother ________the housework at weekends.
A. help; do B. helps; do C. helping; doing
(  )37.—________ are they
—They are at home.
A. What B. How C. Where
(  )38.Everyone in my family ________ a present on the Spring Festival.
A. gets B. to get C. getting
(  )39.I’d like ________ a cup of tea.
A. to eat B. to drink C. drink
(  )40.—Thanks very much.
A. No, thanks B. All right C. You’re welcome
It’s Sunday today. There are __41__ people in the park. Some are walking. Some are __42__ tea. Others are watching flowers. Look! Lucy is over there. She’s __43__ a kite __44__ her brother, Tom. The kite is high in the sky(天空) now. Their parents are sitting under the tree. What are they __45__ about I don’t know.
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