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2019-2020学年江苏省无锡市锡山区锡东片九年级(上) 期中英语试卷 一、单选题(本大题共14小题,共14.0分) ---What do you think of the film My People,My Country ? ---Well, I've never seen ______more moving one. It's worth______second time.(  ) A. a;?/ B. the;?the C. a;?the D. a;?a -My feelings for you have not changed. -But you have changed. You are not as you _____.(  ) A. are B. were C. will?be D. have?been I've wanted to read Peter Pan for long, _________ today I finally borrowed the book from the library.(  ) A. or B. but C. and D. since ---She sold her treasures to help others, though it was ______her family's wishes. ---It's so kind of her.(  ) A. against B. above C. on D. for In every ______there has to be some give-and-take.(  ) A. instruction B. attention C. friendship D. achievement The?book?was?so?interesting?that?he?had?read?it?for?three?hours?______?he?realized?it. A. before B. after C. until D. since Jane Austen,the writer of Pride and Prejudice,wrote many stories of love.However,she______single all her life.(  ) A. reminded B. require C. remained D. refused Some?people?are?interested?in?_______?men's?sense?of?direction?is?better?developed?than?____?of women.(  ) A. which;?that B. what;?that C. which;?one D. whether;?that -I 'm tired out after three-day work day and night. -_____ relax yourself? Go out and enjoy the natural beauty.(  ) A. Why?not B. Why?don't C. What?about D. Shall?we ---I didn't see you at Jim's party last week. ---I thought I______, but more work stopped me.(  ) A. needed B. must C. could D. might ---The past ten years have seen China make great progress with its space program. ---Indeed. The government has ______the plan to build the first manned space station around 2020.(  ) A. worked?out B. took?on C. depended?on D. tried?out —What's?wrong?with?Jim? —His?car?broke?down?on?his?way?to?work. And ______. The?car?behind?was?out?of?control?and?hit?Jim. A. a?good?miss?is?as?good?as?a?mile B. it?never?rains?but?it?pours C. the?early?bird?catches?the?worm D. every?dog?has?its?day —I am worried about_____. —Whatever the result is,don't be too hard on yoursef(  ) A. how have I prepared for my final exams B. if I can get great grads in the final exams C. that my school team lost the game because of my fault D. why did my school team lose the game --- I love the Internet.I have come to know many friends on the Internet. --- ______. Few of them could become your real friends.(  ) A. I?can't?agree?more B. It?couldn't?be?worse C. That's?for?sure D. That's?not?the?case 二、完形填空(本大题共10小题,共10.0分) Growing up is hard for everyone. We all face lots of stress as teenagers. Now(15)facing all of that stress while being in the spotlight (聚光灯). That's(16)Canadian singer Justin Bieber had to deal with as he grew up. He was first(17) by a music producer when he was just 13 years old. He became a superstar within just a few years, selling millions of albums and touring the world.But at the time of his success, he is also fighting with mental (精神上的) illness and drug abuse (药物滥用). However,it seems that he has put these troubles(18)him. Bieber recently wrote a post (帖子) on Instagram, saying that growing up in the spotlight was indeed quite(19). "I went from a 13-year-old boy from a small town(20)being praised left and right by the world …I made every bad decision you could have thought of and went from one of the most loved people …to the most (21) person in the world," he wrote. He said it was his wife(22) helped him turn his life around. Bieber is not the only one who has faced stress from becoming(23)at a young age. Actors Edward Furlong and Macaulay Culkin saw their lives take a downward turn after they succeeded in Hollywood during their childhoods. Why did they experience this? "Childhood is about finding out who you are and being able to relate to (与……相处) others, and those things are harder to learn when you're famous. That amount of public watch makes(24)hard for kids to do that," scientist Eileen Kennedy-Moore told USA Today. ?A. advise B. remember C. notice D. imagine ?A. how B. what C. which D. who ?A. discovered B. impressed C. met D. developed ?A. around B. inside C. behind D. among ?A. personal B. worrying C. challenging D. powerful ?A. to B. into C. against D. without ?A. trusted B. hated C. connected D. devoted ?A. which B. whom C. what D. that ?A. famous B. important C. valuable D. different ?A. him B. that C. it D. them 三、阅读理解(本大题共13小题,共26.0分) A Where can you find such a picture? ______ A. A news report B. A story book C. A comic D. A science poster What can we learn from the picture? ______ A. You can do it without others' help. B. At least two different drinking glasses are needed. C. Cold water seems much heavier than hot water. D. You don't have to touch the water to find it's cold or hot. What is the way to see temperature according to the picture? ______ A. By watching. B. By weighing. C. By feeling. D. By guessing. B Many people might think that if they had more money, then they would be happier in life. For example, people might look at what others have, like expensive clothes or nice cars, and wish they could have the same. But the things that money can buy can not bring happiness to a person for long. ① But is that really true? Studies have found that money can, in fact, make people happier.②Instead, it's giving money to others that makes people happy.③It could be buying a present for a friend or a family member.④It could be buying a homeless person food to eat. It could be giving money to a person in need. Just think about the last time you used your own money to do something for someone else. How did you feel? Whether it is a small or large amount of money. People feel happier when they give. This is because making someone else happy makes the giver happy, too. This idea of joining your happiness to the happiness of others is described as a ubuntu in an African language. There is even a story about a man visiting Africa who asked some kids to race to a nearby tree. The first child to touch the tree would get a sweet treat. Surprising, all the children held hands and ran together. They all touched the tree at the same time. The man asked why they had done this. The children just said they could only enjoy eating the treat if everyone had one. Where can we best put "But its not having money that brings happiness." in Paragraph 2? ______ A. ① B. ② C. ③ D. ④ Why does the writer quote(引用) a story in Paragraph 3? ______ A. To explain Africans like sweets. B. To show examples are not enough. C. To make the writer's opinion clearer. D. To express happiness is from children. What does the writer try to tell us? ______ A. Buying new things can make people happy. B. The key to happiness is making others happy. C. If you want to be happy, you can visit Africa. D. People who have a lot of money might not be happy. C That morning, we noticed a cab following Sir Henry and Dr.Mortimer in London. But who? We went to Sir Henry's hotel. Holmes asked Dr. Mortimer if anyone with a black beard lived in or near Baskerville Hall. "Yes," said Dr.Mortimer,"Barrymore." "We must send a telegram to check whether Barrymore is in London or at Baskerville Hall,"said Holmes. Sir Henry said he wanted to go to Baskerville Hall. "OK", said Holmes. "But you mustn't go alone. Watson can go with you." Sir Henry and I agreed to take the 10:30 train on Saturday. Holmes thought deeply on the way home: the story of the Hound, Sir Charles's death, the strange letter, the missing boot and the black-bearded man. He sat in his room all afternoon, smoking and thinking. Just before dinner, a telegram arrived. It said,"Barrymore is at Baskerville Hall." "That becomes a dead end, Watson. We will have to look for another way to go forward. Just then the door bell rang. It was the cab driver who drove the man with the black beard. "I got a message that you are asking for me", he said. "I've never had a complaint. I came here to ask you what you had against me! " "No, no," said Holmes. "Instead, I'll give you money if you tell me about the man in your cab this morning. He watched this house at 10:00 and then told you to follow the two gentlemen." The driver looked surprised and then answered,"The man said he was a detective(侦探) and that I shouldn't tell anyone about him. " "It's serious, my friend, and you may be in trouble if you refuse to answer." "His name," said the driver, "was Sherlock Holmes." I'd never seen Holmes more surprised. Then he laughed. "He scored against me that time, Watson." The driver told us everything he knew. Holmes gave him the money and sent him away. "This is a dangerous enemy (敌人), Watson." -Taken from The Hound of the Baskervilles According to the passage, the underlined phrase "dead end" in Paragraph 10 means ______ . A. Holmes wanted to give up solving the case B. the road in front of Baskerville Hall was closed C. the cab driver didn't find his way and turned round D. they didn't know who the man with a black beard was According to the passage, we can know that the cab driver ______ . A. was as dangerous as the black-bearded man B. received a complaint from the black-bearded man C. didn't know why Holmes asked for him at the beginning D. didn't tell Holmes anything about the black-bearded man Which of the following is the correct order according to the passage? ______ a. Holmes received the telegram. b. The cab driver came to see Holmes. c. Watson was asked to go with Sir Henry. d. Holmes was surprised and then laughed. e. Watson and Sir Henry took the 10:30 train. A. cabde B. ceabd C. abcde D. acebd D High above Earth, more than a hundred weather satellites (卫星) are collecting information. They send pictures of cloud patterns to scientists on Earth. They also take measurements (测量) of weather conditions, such as air temperature, air pollution and lightning strikes. The meteorologists study the pictures. They make mathematical models using the measurements. The models can help meteorologists make forecasts. The models forecast how, when and where the weather will change in a few hours or in several days. They might forecast (预测) rain in your area tomorrow. If so, you might decide to take your umbrella to school. More important, weather forecasts tell when bad weather is on the way. Floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes put people in danger. Weather forecast can save lives. For example, satellites pictures taken over time show how fast a hurricane is growing and the path it is taking. People can be ready for the storm. Meteorologists are always working to make better forecasts. The United States began using weather satellites in 1960. Today's satellites take clearer pictures and collect more information. Satellites collect information about cloud systems. They have a bird's-eye view of smoke from wildfires and of ash clouds from volcanoes (火山). Weather satellites can also follow an oil spill on the ocean's flow. They can watch a cloud of sand blowing from a desert in Africa. Information from weather satellites is sent to supercomputers. These computers are huge, and they make mathematical models quickly. Planes and ships need to know the weather so they can go around dangerous storms. A weather satellite can also help a ship in trouble. The satellite is part of a search and rescue (救援) system. The satellites can send a warning from the ship in danger to the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard can send out a rescue team. A meteorologist in the first paragraph is a weather ______ . A. model B. satellite C. scientist D. pattern What can we learn from the passage? ______ A. Smoke or ash could hardly influence weather on earth. B. Weather satellites are never more than forecasting bad weather. C. Weather forecasts are of little importance to people's safety. D. Modern weather satellites are looking for a wider use in weather forecast. What can we infer from the passage? ______ A. Weather forecast is widely used in every field of humans' life. B. Weather satellites from the US are the most amazing and useful in the world. C. Weather forecast would be different without computer or supercomputers. D. Weather forecast would influence people more greatly as technology develops. What may be the next paragraph about? ______ A. Many planes fall into the ocean because of natural disasters. B. Few ship accidents are avoided with the help of weather satellites. C. No accidents take place with the search and rescue system. D. More rescue teams around the world work together to save endangered ships. 四、任务型阅读-完成表格(本大题共1小题,共5.0分) Have you or your friends ever talked about studying abroad? It's becoming a common topic of discussion in China. More students are studying abroad than ever before. Last year, 662,100 Chinese went abroad to study, a growth of 8.83 percent from 2017. For parents who send their children abroad to study, 43 percent of them hold regular jobs. With quick economic (经济的) growth and rising income levels (收入水平), China's people have more chances to open their eyes and have more life experiences. Seventy years ago, however, the picture was different. Thousands of students and science and technology experts(专家) had to have a competition with each other to win a chance to study abroad. It was a valuable and unusual experience for people back then. In 1984, Wang Huiyao, who later built a non-governmental think tank (智库) that mainly pays attention to Chinese public policy and globalization (全球化), went to study at the University of Windsor in Canada. He found that while Chinese people knew little about the outside world, Westerners also knew little about Chinese people. "They even asked to touch my head to see if anything was different," he said. But today, there are fewer of these misunderstandings. With more exchange programs, Chinese students get more chances to share their life stories with people from different cultures. Ma Ying, a15-year-old Beijinger, took a short 7-day study trip to the UK. Attracted by the culture there, she decided to stay and study in the country. "I talked to my parents, and they supported my decison. I'm happy to study more English, understand their humor, and slowly go the local lifestyle," she said. Studying abroad Introduction More discussion about Chinese are studying abroad. (1) ______ for studying abroad The number of the Chinese going abroad keeps(2) ______ with the rise of economy and income levels quickly. They have open their eyes to the world and experience different cultures. In the past It was of great(3) ______ and an unusual experience to study abroad by winning a chance through competition.Wang Huiyao, said(4) ______ the Chinese nor Westerners know much about each other. At present There is(5) ______ cultural misunderstanding with more exchange students to share their stories and experiences. 五、根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词(本大题共5小题,共5.0分) To clean the sky, more and more cities in our country have started to use stricter national______(标准). She______(建议)different colours to different people to change their moods. Moore asked her dad if she could have her______(个人的) space. This is______(简直)fantastic, and I thanked each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity. You can't imagine what difficulty?I had______(express) myself clearly at the beginning. 六、用所给单词的正确形式填空, 每空一词(本大题共4小题,共4.0分) It's your______( care) that caused the serous accident which led to two deaths, including one baby. My friend tried to calm me down, but his words drove me even______( mad). Her father finished the rest of the book and had it______(publish) just after the war. Through hard work these climbers______(success) reached the top of the mountain. 七.用动词的适当形式填空(本大题共5小题,共5.0分) More attention should______(pay) to air pollution to prevent serious health problems. ---Are you going to Shanghai for further study after graduation? ---Well, I______(not decide). I am not sure. ---Linda is not coming for the party tonight. ---But she______(promise). Mr.Black walked around and offered help while we______(do) an experiment. ---______the shop______(close) early at weekends? ---No,usually it is open until 10 o'clock in the evening. 八、句子翻译(本大题共6小题,共6.0分) 我们已经建成了一条连接北京和天津的高铁. We have built a_______________________________________Tianjin. 那个小男孩宁愿把焦虑藏在心里也不愿和别人分享. The little boy would rather_________________________________them with others. 考虑再三之后,这位工程师别无他法只能改变主意. After thinking twice, the engineer____________________________________his mind. 为了让大卫在学习上处于领先地位,他的父母对他要求严格. David's parents are_________________________him to make him___________in study. 上个月,这些可怕的事件萦绕在每个人心头. These terrible accidents______________________________last month. 我们自豪,在过去的 70 年,中国人民取得的多么辉煌的成就. We are proud____________________________in the past 70 years. 九、书面表达(本大题共1小题,共15.0分) Do you know the "Iron Hammer (铁榔头)"? She is not a hero from a film like Iron Man 《(钢铁侠》). But she is like a hero to Chinese sports fans. Her real name is Lang Ping (郎平).请你根据下面相关信息写一篇英语短文介绍郎平和中国女排精神以及你感受贴在 Twitter(推特)的网站上. About Lang Ping Birth year: 1960 Birth place: Tianjin Nickname: Iron Hammer Her story: 作为运动员,刻苦训练,向世界证明中国女子够高,够快可以打好排球.作为教练,带领…鼓励…振作 Team spirit: 勤学苦练;团结战斗;永不言弃 Achievements: Achievements:多次世界杯冠军( championship )和金牌;正在备战2020 Summer Olympics. 注意:1.词数 90 词左右;开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 2.表达清楚,语法正确,适当增加细节,以使上下文连贯; 3.文中不得出现真实姓名和学校名称. Lang Ping, known as Iron Hammer, was once a powerful and skilled volleyball player but now is the famous chief coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. I believe they are sure to give us another big surprise! 【答案】 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. C 11. A 12. B 13. B 14. D 15. D 16. B 17. A 18. C 19. C 20. A 21. B 22. D 23. A 24. C 25. D 26. D 27. A 28. B 29. C 30. B 31. D 32. C 33. A 34. C 35. D 36. A 37. D 38.1. Reasons??2. growing/rising 3.value 4.neither 5.less 39. standards??40. suggested/ suggests??41. personal??42. simply43. expressing?? 44. carelessness?45. madder??46. published 47. successfully?? 48. be?paid??49. haven't?decided?50. promised??51. were doing?52. Does??close 53. high-speed railway connecting Beijing to?? 54. keep worries to themselves than share?? 55. had no choice but to change?? 56. strict with?? 57. were on everyone's mind?? 58. what great achievements the Chinese people have made?? 59. Lang?Ping,?known?as?Iron?Hammer,?was?once?a?powerful?and?skilled?volleyball?player?but?now?is?the?famous?chief?coach?of?the?Chinese?women's?volleyball?team. Lang?Ping?was?born?in?Tianjin?in?1960.(出生地点及日期)?Her nickname is Iron Hammer.(绰号)As?a?volleyball?player,?she?practised?hard?and?proved?to?the?world?Chinese?women?are?tall?and?fast?enough?to?play?volleyball.【高分句型一】?As?a?coach,?she?is?leading?her?team?to?high?levels.?She?always?encourages?her?team?members?and?cheer?them?up?when?they?are?in?trouble.(经历)?She?thinks?the?whole?team?should?work?hard?together?instead?of?giving up.【高分句型二】(团队精神) Through?hard?work,Chinese?women?volleyball?team?has?surprised?the?world?by?winning?world?championships?and?gold?medals.?Now,?they?are?preparing?for?the?2020 Summer?Olympics.(成绩) ?I?believe?they?are?sure?to?give?us?another?big?surprise!?? 【解析】 1. a一个,放在辅音音素开头的单词前面;the这个,表特指.第一个空格后面的词语是more?moving?one,所以要用a来填空,表示一个更感人的.?根据第二个空后面的词语是second?time,所以要用a来填空,表示又一次,再一次.句意:--你认为我和我的祖国这部电影怎么样?--很好.我从来没有看过一个更感人的了.它值得再看一次. 故选:D. --你认为我和我的祖国这部电影怎么样? --很好.我从来没有看过一个更感人的了.它值得再看一次. 首先要掌握冠词的用法以及这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 2. 句意:-我对你的感情从来没有变过.-但是你已经变了.你已经不是过去的你了.这是拿现在的你和过去的你做比较.故用一般过去时. 故选:B. -我对你的感情从来没有变过.-但是你已经变了.你已经不是过去的你了. 句中没有明显的时间状语,需要通过语境判断使用何种时态. 3. A表示或者、否则,B表示但是,C表示和,D表示自从.根据题干中I've wanted to read Peter Pan for long.可知说话人一直想读《彼得潘》,今天他终于从图书馆借到了这本书,句子前后是并列关系,则应用连词and. 故选:C. 我一直想读《彼得潘》这本书,今天我终于从图书馆借到了这本书. 本题考查连词辨析,熟悉常见的连词含义及用法,再根据题干即可作出选择. 4. against "反对,对抗;above"超过";on "在…之上、在…时候";for "为、为了";with"拥有、和…一起",四者都是介词.?be careful with ?"小心",由题干"---尽管违背了她家人的意愿,她还是卖掉了她的宝藏去帮助别人.---她真是太好了."可知,空格是"违背",用against.因此答案应是against. 故选:A. ---尽管违背了她家人的意愿,她还是卖掉了她的宝藏去帮助别人. ---她真是太好了. 本题考查介词的用法,在熟知所供词的含义基础上,根据句意,从而判断出正确答案. 5. 考查名词词义,instruction说明书,attention注意,friendship友谊,achievement成就,根据句意,在每一段有一种必须有一些互相迁就. 故选:C. 在每一段友谊中必须有一些互相迁就. 掌握名词词义,结合句意作答. 6. 句意:这本书是如此的有趣以致于他意识到之前已经读了三个小时。A. before 在……之前;B. fter 在……之后; C. until 直到……; D. since 自从……以来。结合句意和排除法,故选A。 7. 考查动词词义,remind提醒,require要求,remain保持,refused拒绝,根据句意,简奥斯汀,《傲慢与偏见》的作者,创作了很多爱的故事.然后她终身未嫁. 故选:C. 简奥斯汀,《傲慢与偏见》的作者,创作了很多爱的故事.然后她终身未嫁. 掌握动词词义,结合句意作答. 8. 根据题干Some?people?are?interested?in?_______?men's?sense?of?direction?is?better?developed?结合语境可知此句是指对于男人在方向感上是否比女人好这一问题上有些人感兴趣,所以此处为疑问句的语气,应用whether是否;而which指哪一个,what指什么,意义上不符合,故排除;第二空应用that指代前面出现的sense?of?direction?方向感,而one指同类当中的一个,不符合。 故选:D。 有些人对是否男人的方向感比女人更好感兴趣。 做此题的关键是联系语境准确判断出用哪个连接词及指示代词,平时注意积累相关的语法知识。 9. why not+动词原形=why don't + you +动词原形,what about +doing sth,shall we do sth.根据回答"出去享受大自然的美",祈使句,主语是you.根据意思:我日夜工作了三天,累得筋疲力尽.为什么不放松自己呢?出去享受自然美景吧.所以选A 故选:A. ---我日夜工作了三天,累得筋疲力尽. ---为什么不放松自己呢?出去享受自然美景吧. 此题考查固定句式,熟知固定句式,结合具体题目,仔细分析,可得出答案. 10. need需要,must必须,一定,could能,可以,might可能;根据句意"我上周没在吉姆的派对上见过你.我以为我可以(去的),但更多的工作阻止了我 "可知,要用一般过去时,要填"能,可以",其它选项语意不通. 故选:C. -我上周没在吉姆的派对上见过你. -我以为我可以(去的),但更多的工作阻止了我. 考查情态动词,牢记情态动词的含义和用法,进行对比,排除错误的答案,从而做出正确的答案. 11. work out解决,作出,take on承担,呈现,雇用;depend on依靠,取决于,try out试用,选拔;结合句意"政府已经作出了在2020年左右建造第一座载人空间站的计划"可知,要填"作出",其它选项语意不通. 故选:A. 在过去的十年里,中国的太空计划取得了很大的进步. 的确.政府已经作出了在2020年左右建造第一座载人空间站的计划. 考查动词短语,要牢记动词短语的词义及用法,进行比较分析,选择正确答案. 12. 句意:——吉姆怎么了?——在他下班的路上他的车抛锚了。而且祸不单行,他的车失去了控制,撞到了吉姆。A.a?good?miss?is?as?good?as?a?mile失之毫厘,差之千里。B.it?never?rains?but?it?pours祸不单行。C.the early bird catches the worm早起的鸟儿有虫吃。D.every dog has its day人人皆有得意之时。根据题干可知吉姆车在路上抛锚了,而且车失去了控制,撞到了他,这真是祸不单行,故选择B。 13. 答案:B。 根据I am worried about_______,可知,本题考查宾语从句的用法,宾语从句中一般为陈述语序,选项AD是疑问句语序,排除掉;在这里I am worried about含有疑问的口气,所以后面所跟的宾语从句用if来引导。故选B。 ——我担心我是否能在期末考试中取得好成绩。 ——无论结果如何,你自己都不要太辛苦了。 主要考查宾语从句,在做此类题目时,应该注意宾语从句的连接词,以及宾语从句的时态和语序问题,掌握好这几点,是做好此类题目的关键。 14. I?can't?agree?more.我再同意不过了.It?couldn't?be?worse.不能更糟糕了.That's?for?sure.那是肯定的.That's?not?the?case.事实并非如此.上句意为我热爱网络.我已经来网上认识了很多朋友.后句意为他们几乎不能成为你真正的朋友.即不同意对方的观点.即事实并非如此. 故选:D. --我热爱网络.我已经来网上认识了很多朋友. --事实并非如此.他们几乎不能成为你真正的朋友. 掌握选项中句子的含义,结合语境判断句意. 15~24. 1. D.考查动词.advise 建议;remember 记住;notice 注意到;imagine设想.根据上文"Growing up is hard for everyone"和"We all face lots of stress as teenagers"可知,长大成人对大家来说是很难的.作为青少年,我们都面临很多压力.现在设想,你在聚光灯下面临所有这些问题.故选D. 2. B.考查代词(副词).how 怎样;what 什么;which哪个(些);who谁.根据上文"Now(1)facing all of that stress while being in the spotlight"可知,现在设想,你在聚光灯下面临所有这些问题.这就是加拿大歌手贾斯汀?毕博在他成长过程中不得不面对的问题.空格处为表语从句的主语,且代指事物(事情),故用what表语从句.故选B. 3. A.考查动词.discovered 发现;impressed 给……留下印象;met 遇见;developed发展.根据下文"He became a superstar within just a few years"可知,当他在13岁时,首先被一名音乐制作人发现.他在几年内成为超级明星.故选A. 4. C.考查介词.around 在……周围;inside 在……里面;behind 在……后面;among在……之中.根据上文"But at the time of his success, he is also fighting with mental illness and drug abuse"可知,但是在成功的同时,他也跟精神疾病和吸毒做斗争.然而,看起来他已经把麻烦抛诸脑后.put…behind抛诸脑后.故选C. 5. C.考查形容词.personal 私人的;worrying令人担忧的;challenging具有挑战意味的;powerful强有力的.根据下文"I made every bad decision you could have thought of and went from one of the most loved people"可知,他在本应该好好考虑的时候却做出了不好的决定,并且离开了自己最心爱的人之一,故知本句句意是,毕博最近在Instagram网站上写了一个帖子说,在聚光灯下成长确实是具有挑战性.故选C. 6. A.考查介词.to 到;into进入;against反对;without没有.根据语境可知,从我13岁离开小镇,从作为世界上最被人所爱戴的人之一……到(变成)世界上最被人讨厌的人.from…to从……到.故选A. 7. B.考查动词.trusted 信任;hated 讨厌;connected 联系;devoted贡献.根据语境可知,从作为世界上最被人所爱戴的人之一……到(变成)世界上最被人讨厌的人.故选B. 8. D.考查代词(副词).which 哪个(些);whom 谁;what 什么;that那个.根据语境可知,他说,是他的妻子使他的生活有了好转.宾语从句it is(was)…that是强调句,意思是"是……".故选that. 9. A.考查形容词.famous 著名的;important 重要的;valuable有价值的;different不同的.根据下文"Actors Edward Furlong and Macaulay Culkin saw their lives take a downward turn after they succeeded in Hollywood during their childhoods"可知,他在几年内成为超级明星.毕博并不是唯一一个年少成名而面临压力的人.演员埃德加?弗隆和麦考利?卡尔金在青少年时期于好莱坞成功后,他们的生活走了下坡路.故选A. 10. C.考查代词.him 他;that 那;it 它;them他们(她们/它们).根据语境可知,公众的关注使小孩子难以这样做.此处用it作为形式宾语(没有实在意义),真正宾语是后面的不定式"(for kids )to do that".故选C. 青少年在成长过程中要面临很多压力,特别是年少成名的人.加拿大歌手贾斯汀?毕博就是一个例子. 首先要仔细阅读短文,掌握大意,然后结合具体的选项做出选择,结合选出的选项再读短文,从中找出最符合短文的选项,就可以确定正确答案. 25~27. (1)D 推理推理题.根据The way to see water's tem perature.Here's how to tell whether a glass contains (容纳) hot water or cold water - without ever touching it!看水温的方法.下面是如何分辨一个玻璃杯里是含有热水还是冷水的方法-永远不要触摸它!可以推测出,我们可以在"科学海报"上看到这样的图片.故选D. (2)D 细节理解题.Here's how to tell whether a glass contains (容纳) hot water or cold water - without ever touching it!这是如何分辨一个玻璃杯是含有热水还是冷水,而不必碰它!结合选项可知,你不用碰水就可以发现水是冷的还是热的.故选D. (3)A 推理判断题.根据Pour both glasses out into the tub at the same time and speed.Repeat this process(过程) a few times. and watch closely each time.将两个玻璃杯同时快速倒入浴缸.重复这个过程几次.仔细观察每一个时间.结合文章内容可以推测出,根据图片看温度的方法是"通过观察".故选A. 本文是一篇科普阅读,如何分辨一个玻璃杯是含有热水还是冷水,而不必碰它! 阅读题型,要注重句子与句子之间、段落与段落之间逻辑关系以及对篇章的整体理解.根据所给问题选择正确选项完成试题. 28~30. (1)B 推理判断题.根据本句But?its?not?having?money?that?brings?happiness.但是没有钱能带来幸福.结合下句Instead,?it's?giving?money?to?others?that?makes?people?happy.相反,它是给别人钱,让人快乐.两者为转折关系,因此放在②后合适.故选B (2)C 推理判断题.根据This idea of joining your happiness to the happiness of others is described as a ubuntu in an African language.把自己的幸福和别人的幸福结合起来的想法被描述为一种非洲语言中的社团关爱精神.第三段讲述的三个孩子一起受到奖励的故事,目的是为了使作者的观点更加清晰.结合选项A.解释非洲人喜欢糖果.B.举例说明是不够的.C.使作者的意见更清楚.D.表达幸福来自于孩子.故选C (3)B 主旨大意题.根据第二段中 people feel happier when they give. This is because making someone else happy makes the giver happy, too.人们在给予时都会感到更快乐.这是因为让别人快乐也会让给予者快乐.及本文内容可以推测,作者试图告诉我们"快乐的关键是让别人快乐".故选B 很多人可能会认为如果他们有更多的钱,那么他们的生活会更幸福.看看别人有什么,比如昂贵的衣服或漂亮的汽车,希望他们也能有同样的东西.但是金钱能买到的东西不能给一个人带来长久的幸福. 阅读题型,要注重句子与句子之间、段落与段落之间逻辑关系以及对篇章的整体理解.根据所给问题选择正确选项完成试题. 31~33. 1.D.词义猜测题.根据后面 We will have to look for another way to go forward,可知是说是一条死胡同,需要另寻出路,再根据上文中 the missing boot and the black-bearded man…thinking.可知他并不知道黑胡子的人是谁.故选D. 2.C.细节推理题.根据文章 "I got a message that you are asking for me", he said. "I've never had a complaint. I came here to ask you what you had against me! "可知马车驾驶员并不知道福尔摩斯一开始找他的原因,故选C. 3.A.细节理解题.根据第六段可知Watson 被要求与Henry 先生同行;根据第九段可知,福尔摩斯收到电报;根据第十一段可知,出租车司机来见福尔摩斯;根据倒数第二段可知,福尔摩斯很惊讶并笑了起来;根据第七段以及下文可知,Watson和Henry先生乘周六十点的火车发生在最后.故选A. 本文章主要讲述了福尔摩斯找寻一个黑色胡子男士的断案过程. 首先要通读全文,了解文章大意,紧紧抓住上下文语境所提供的信息,然后明确词意,结合排除法逐一选出答案.最后再通读全文,核对答案. 34~37. 1.C.推理判断题.根据第一段The?models?can?help?meteorologists?make?forecasts.可知这些模型可以帮助气象学家进行预测.能预测天气的一定是气象家,故选C. 2.D.推理判断题.根据文章第二段More?important,?weather?forecasts?tell?when?bad?weather?is?on?the?way.?Floods,?tornadoes,?thunderstorms,?and?hurricanes?put?people?in?danger.?Weather?forecast?can?save?lives.更重要的是,天气预报能告诉人们坏天气何时来临.洪水、龙卷风、雷暴和飓风使人们处于危险之中.天气预报能拯救生命.第四段A?weather?satellite?can?also?help?a?ship?in?trouble.气象卫星也能帮助陷入困境的船只.可知,现代气象卫星正在寻找在天气预报中更广泛的应用.故选D. 3.A.推理判断题.根据文章第一段They?might?forecast?(?预?测?)?rain?in?your?area?tomorrow.第二段weather?forecasts?tell?when?bad?weather?is?on?the?way.第三段Weather?satellites can?also?follow?an?oil?spill?on?the?ocean's?flow.?They?can?watch?a?cloud?of?sand?blowing?from?a?desert?in?Africa.第四段A?weather?satellite?can?also?help?a?ship?in?trouble.可知,一、他们可能会预测明天你所在地区会下雨.二、天气预报会告诉你什么时候会有坏天气.三、气象卫星也可以跟踪洋流中的石油泄漏.他们可以观察非洲沙漠中的沙云.四、气象卫星也可以帮助陷入困境的船只.由此可见,天气预报广泛应用于人类生活的各个领域.故选A. 4.D.推理判断题.根据最后一段Planes?and?ships?need?to?know?the?weather?so?they?can?go?around?dangerous?storms.?A?weather?satellite?can?also?help?a?ship?in?trouble.?The?satellite?is?part?of?a?search?and?rescue?(救援)?system.?The?satellites?can?send?a?warning?from?the?ship?in?danger?to?the?U.S.?Coast?Guard.?The?Coast?Guard?can?send?out?a?rescue?team.飞机和船只需要知道天气,这样才能避开危险的风暴.气象卫星还可以帮助陷入困境的船只.该卫星是搜救系统的一部分.卫星可以向美国海岸警卫队发出危险船只的警告.海岸警卫队可以派出救援队.可知,接下来应该讲述了举例说明世界各地更多的救援队共同努力拯救濒临灭绝的船只.故选D. 本文主要讲述了气象卫星如何预报天气的以及天气预报广泛应用于人类生活的各个领域. 首先要通读全文,了解文章大意,紧紧抓住上下文语境所提供的信息,然后明确词意,结合排除法逐一选出答案.最后再通读全文,核对答案. 38. 1.Reasons;考查名词.根据With?quick?economic?(经济的)?growth?and?rising?income?levels?(收入水平),?China's?people?have?more?chances?to?open?their?eyes?and?have?more?life?experiences.随着经济的快速增长和收入水平的提高,中国人民有更多的机会放眼世界,有更多的生活经验.可知说的是留学的原因,这里用名词复数Reasons.故答案为Reasons. 2.growing/rising;考查形容词.根据Last?year,?662,100?Chinese?went?abroad?to?study,?a?growth?of?8.83?percent?from?2017.?For?parents?who?send?their?children?abroad?to?study,?43?percent?of?them?hold?regular?jobs.?With?quick?economic?(经济的)?growth?and?rising?income?levels?(收入水平),?China's?people?have?more?chances?to?open?their?eyes?and?have?more?life?experiences.去年,中国有66.21万人出国留学,比2017年增长8.83%.对送孩子出国留学的父母来说,43%的人有固定的工作.随着经济的快速增长和收入水平的提高,中国人民有更多的机会放眼世界,有更多的生活经验.可知随着经济的发展和收入水平的提高,出国的中国人越来越多.故答案为growing. 3.value;考查名词.根据Seventy?years?ago,?however,?the?picture?was?different.?Thousands?of?students?and?science?and?technology?experts(专家)?had?to?have?a?competition?with?each?other?to?win?a?chance?to?study?abroad.?It?was?a?valuable?and?unusual?experience?for?people?back?then.然而,70年前的情况却不一样,成千上万的学生和科技专家为了赢得出国留学的机会,不得不相互竞争,这对当时的人们来说是一次宝贵而不寻常的经历.可知通过竞争赢得一个机会,出国留学是一种很有价值和不寻常的经历.故答案为value. 4.neither;考查短语.根据He?found?that?while?Chinese?people?knew?little?about?the?outside?world,?Westerners?also?knew?little?about?Chinese?people.?"They?even?asked?to?touch?my?head?to?see?if?anything?was?different,"?he?said.他发现,中国人对外部世界知之甚少,而西方人对中国人也知之甚少."他们甚至要求摸我的头,看看有什么不同,"他说.可知王辉耀说,中国人和西方人都不太了解对方.neither…nor…既不是…也不是….故答案为neither. 5.less;考查副词.根据 But?today,?there?are?fewer?of?these?misunderstandings.?With?more?exchange?programs,?Chinese?students?get?more?chances?to?share?their?life?stories?with?people?from?different?cultures.但如今,这些误会越来越少了.随着交流项目的增多,中国学生有更多的机会与来自不同文化的人分享他们的人生故事.可知随着更多的交换生分享他们的故事和经历,文化上的误解减少了.故答案为less. 短文讲了中国的出国留学的学生比以往任何时候都多.详细地讲述了留学的原因,及其带来的好处. 做题时首先对原文材料迅速浏览,掌握全文的主旨大意.其次,细读题材,各个击破.掌握全文的大意之后,细细阅读材料后的问题,弄清每题要求后,带着问题,再回到原文中去寻找、捕获有关信息. 39. 标准standard,可数名词;根据句意"为了净化天空,我国越来越多的城市开始使用更严格的国家标准"和语法可知,要用复数形式. 故答案为standards. 为了净化天空,我国越来越多的城市开始使用更严格的国家标准. 翻译填空,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语,构成合乎语法、句意完整的句子. 40. 建议suggest,动词;根据句意"她给不同的人建议不同的颜色来改变他们的情绪"和语法可知,要用一般过去时或一般现在时;如果用一般现在时,主语是第三人称单数,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式. 故答案为suggested/ suggests. 她给不同的人建议不同的颜色来改变他们的情绪. 翻译填空,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语,构成合乎语法、句意完整的句子. 41. 个人的personal,形容词;根据句意"Moore问她爸爸是否她有私人的空间"和语法可知,要用形容词修饰名词作定语. 故答案为personal. Moore问她爸爸是否她有私人的空间. 翻译填空,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语,构成合乎语法、句意完整的句子. 42. 简直simply,副词;根据句意"这简直太棒了,我感谢你们每一个人的善良和慷慨"和语法可知,要用副词修饰形容词. 故答案为simply. 这简直太棒了,我感谢你们每一个人的善良和慷慨. 翻译填空,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语,构成合乎语法、句意完整的句子. 43. 答案:expressing?? 根据题干You can't imagine what difficulty?I had____(express) myself clearly at the beginning.可知句意为:你无法想象,最初我要清楚地表达自己,有多么困难.根据题干,可知what引导的是一个宾语从句.句型:have difficulty (in)doing sth.做某事有困难.express,表达,动词.故填:expressing. 你无法想象,最初我要清楚地表达自己,有多么困难. 本题主要考查翻译填空,做此类题目,首先结合提示词,弄清句意.然后再根据句法,语法,确定单词的准确形式.本题主要考查have difficulty (in)doing sth.做某事有困难. 44. 根据关键词your,所以要用名词来填空,结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"是你的粗心大意引起了这起严重的事故,导致两人死亡,包括一个婴儿."carelessness名词,粗心大意. 故填carelessness. 是你的粗心大意引起了这起严重的事故,导致两人死亡,包括一个婴儿. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 45. 根据关键词even,所以要用形容词比较级来填空,结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"我的朋友尽力让我安静下来,但是他的话让我更疯了." 故填madder. 我的朋友尽力让我安静下来,但是他的话让我更疯了. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 46. 根据had?it,所以要用过去分词来填空,构成固定搭配:have/has/had+过去分词,意思是"请或让某人做某事"结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"她爸爸完成了书的剩余部分,然后在战后出版了这本书." 故填published. 她爸爸完成了书的剩余部分,然后在战后出版了这本书. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 47. 根据空格后面的词语是reached,所以要用副词来修饰动词,结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"通过艰苦的工作,这些登山者成功地到达了山顶."successfully副词,成功地. 故填successfully. 通过艰苦的工作,这些登山者成功地到达了山顶. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 48. 通过分析句子结构,对于More?attention来说,是被注意的,所以要用被动语态来填空,又因为空格前面的词语是should,所以要用should+be+过去分词来填空.结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"应该多注意空气污染来防止严重的健康问题." 故填be?paid. 应该多注意空气污染来防止严重的健康问题. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 49. 根据Are?you?going?to?Shanghai?for?further?study?after?graduation?以及?I?am?not?sure.结合给出的单词提示,因此可知这句话的意思是"--毕业后,你将要去上海进修吗?--呃,我还没有决定下来.我不确定."指的是在对话发生时,还没有决定下来,所以要用现在完成时来填空,现在完成时的构成:have/has+过去分词. 故填haven't?decided. --毕业后,你将要去上海进修吗? --呃,我还没有决定下来.我不确定. 首先要掌握这个句子的意思,然后结合具体的题目,就可以确定正确答案. 50. 考查动词.根据上文"琳达今晚不来参加聚会",由转折连词but推断琳达在谈话之前的某个时候答应过要来参加聚会,考虑用提示词的过去式形式promised,意为"答应". 故答案为 promised. ---琳达今晚不来参加聚会. ---但她答应了. 根据提示词填空,先要通读句子,理解大意,再联系语境变换恰当的词形,方能正确解答. 51. 考查过去进行时态.根据主句Mr.Black?walked?around?and?offered?help?推断本句为一般过去时态,而while引导的时间状语从句常用进行时态,由于受主句时态的影响,考虑从句用过去进行时were doing. 故答案为?were?doing. 当我们在做实验时,布莱克先生四处走动并提供帮助. 根据提示词填空,先要通读句子,理解大意,再联系语境变换恰当的词形,方能正确解答. 52. 考查动词.根据答语No,推断上文是一个一般疑问句,由usually推断本句属于一般现在时态,close 意为"关门",属于实意动词,其一般疑问句考虑在句首用助动词Does,后面的close填原形形式. 故答案为?Does;close. ---这家商店周末提前关门吗? ---不,通常营业到晚上10点. 根据提示词填空,先要通读句子,理解大意,再联系语境变换恰当的词形,方能正确解答. 53. a high-speed railway connecting Beijing to Tianjin一条连接北京和天津的高铁,connecting Beijing to Tianjin, ing-动词作后置定语. 故答案是high-speed?railway?connecting?Beijing?to. We have built a high-speed railway connecting Beijing to Tianjin. 此题考查汉译英,在熟知每个汉语的英语翻译的基础上,根据语法结构,组合短语或者句子,便可得出正确答案. 54. keep?worries?to oneself把焦虑藏在心里,would rather do sth.than?do sth.比起……来更愿意做某事, share sth. with sb.和某人分享某物. 故答案是keep worries to themselves than share. The little boy would rather keep worries to themselves than share them with others. 此题考查汉译英,在熟知每个汉语的英语翻译的基础上,根据语法结构,组合短语或者句子,便可得出正确答案. 55. 根据句意,要用一般过去时态.别无选择只能做某事 have no choice but to do sth,改变主意 change one's mind. 故答案为had?no?choice?but?to?change. After?thinking?twice,?the?engineer?had?no?choice?but?to?change?his?mind. 汉译英是基础题,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语. 56. 根据David's?parents?are--him?to?make?him--instudy.可知在英语中表示对…要求严格用be strict with;处于领先地位用take the lead,放在make后面跟动词原形, 故填strict with,take the lead. David's?parents?are strict with him?to?make?him take the lead in study. 汉译英是基础题,需要学生根据句意、时态和固定搭配等,来选择合适的单词或者短语.另外,学生多积累单词和短语,也有助于解答这类题目. 57. be?on?everyone's?mind萦绕在每个人心头,根据last month可知用一般过去时,主语These terrible accidents 指复数,be动词用were. 故答案是were on everyone's mind These terrible accidents were on everyone's mind last month. 此题考查汉译英,在熟知每个汉语的英语翻译的基础上,根据语法结构,组合短语或者句子,便可得出正确答案. 58. 根据句意可知We are proud后跟宾语从句,宾语从句感叹句, what?great?achievements多么辉煌的成就?,根据in the past 70 years用现在完成时,have(has) +过去分词. 故答案是what great achievements the Chinese people have made. We are proud what great achievements the Chinese people have made in the past 70 years. 此题考查汉译英,在熟知每个汉语的英语翻译的基础上,根据语法结构,组合短语或者句子,便可得出正确答案. 59. 【高分句型一】 As a volleyball player, she practised hard and proved to the world Chinese women are tall and fast enough to play volleyball. 作为一名排球运动员,她努力练习,向世界证明了中国女子够高,够快可以打好排球.tall and fast enough to play volleyball够高,够快可以打好排球,形容词+enough +to do sth. 【高分句型二】 She thinks the whole team should work hard together instead of giving up. 她认为整个团队应该一起努力而不放弃.instead of 代替,而不是,介词of后跟动名词. 能够根据提示进行书面表达,能够围绕主题准确使用一定的语法、词汇、短语和句型等,清楚连贯地表达自己的思想,进而完成写作任务. 第22页,共23页 第23页,共23页
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