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1. Jane is _________European girl. She works hard and everyone loves her.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
2. ---_________ did you tell him about the news, Lisa
--- By _________ an e-mail.
A.What; sending B. How; send C. How; sending D. What; send
---The hen ___________ three eggs yesterday.
--- It’s amazing.
A. lie B. lay C. lain D. laid
4.---Excuse me, do you know ______
---Yes, there is a flower shop on Jiefang Road.
A. how can I buy some flowers B. where I can buy some flowers
C. how I can buy some flowers D. where can I buy some flowers
5. ---Frank wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.
---Yes. But if it __________, we’ll play chess at home.
A. will rain B. rains C. is raining D. rained
6. Susan is so brave that she ________ to speak in front of many people.
A. forgets    B.hates      C. dares    D. fails
7. ---We can’t do well in an examination _________ we study hard. --- I agree.
A. since B. if C.because D.unless
8. If you want to know the truth, why not ask him
A. by person B. in person C. in the person D. for person
9. Tom used to _______ early in the morning when he was still a high school student.
A. get up B. getting up C. got
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