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二、完形填空(本题有15小题,每小题1分; 共计15分)
On the day of the interview, I got to the interview place without having 16 .I was the 24th interviewee and the 22nd was an ordinary-looking girl. I greeted her by 17 .I asked her where she graduated(毕业). She told me in a low 18 , “I graduated from a common college, I am the only one who doesn’t get a bachelor’s degree (学士学位) among the 50 interviewees.” she said.
I didn’t 19 the interview would last so long. As I didn’t have anything in the morning, my stomach started to ache. I had to sit by the table to 20 . The girl asked me what happened. “I ate nothing this morning,” I said, “so my 21 comes to me.”
After a while, a girl came in and 22 me two pieces of bread. I felt 23 all over my heart because I hadn’t imagined she would help me, who is, one of her rivals(竞争对手).
24 , I got the job. I was surprised to see the girl on my first day to work. She also got the job! When I asked her why, she said 25 a smile, “That day when I bought you the food, I met a man with papers in hands. He asked me 26 I could help him to copy those papers.
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